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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid While Trying To Lose Weight

mistakes to avoid in weight loss
As a fitness trainer and human kinetic undergraduate in my university days. Whenever I have a client who wishes to lose a certain pounds of weight within a specific period of time. One of the things I always do is to inform them of all it requirement and also warn against the possible mistakes to avoid in order not to sabotage the whole process.

Its my joy to always see people achieving their weight targets within a specific time with me, because that is when they can refer other clients to me which means more money.

It was not only my responsibility to train them to achieve weight loss, I must also tell them the 'do and don't' involved in the process. Below are few of the warnings I always give out to my clients before we commence the training proper.

Common Mistakes To Avoid While You Are Trying To Loss Weight 

1) Don't Expect Miracle To Lose Weight: I always tell them, don't thing anything good happens overnight. Body fat is what you accumulated gradually, and you are not going to lose it in a day. Its a gradual and continuous process.

Whatever means you are adopting to burn fat, its still a gradual thing. Regular exercise, control diet, reducing portion of food and soft drinks intake are all good means of losing fat, but non of them can get it done in a day.

Therefore, try as much as possible to avoid this mistake, because having this assumption can easily provoke someone and see the whole exercise as a waste of time. Even if you later lose some weight, you won't notice or appreciate it.

2) Combining Too Much Exercise With Less Food Supply: Over years, I notice people could be so desperate about weight loss. They just wanna wake up one day and burn out the whole fat in their body to achieve their dream looks. In an attempt to achieve this, they engage in frequent and rigorous exercise, with little supply of food into the body.

The moment your body noticed this, it start introducing preventive measure. The body system response to this immediately by slowing down digestion. Whenever you eat, the body holds on to some fat as a way to protect itself from been starved.

Your body saves energy in a numbers of ways. It could be by reducing body temperature, making digestion weaker, reducing the purse which would result to generating lesser energy. This is a serious mistake you need to avoid while trying to loss some weight.

3) Cutting All Sugar Out Of Your Diet: This is really common among so many people. They don't want to hear anything categorized as “sugar” at all in their diet. They declared sugar as their number one enemy. Some people take this too far and also cut out truly nourishing sugar fruits, fresh fruit juices, maple syrup, and honey. 

I was with one of my female friends December last year, and I offered her some fruits which she stylishly rejected and told me she was on diet to loss weight. That's a wrong impression. This is because, you cutting out sugar completely from your diet can hinder your body’s ability to store glycogen and therefore, hinder metabolism.

If you are to cut sugar, try to do away with sugars like high fructose corn syrup, fake sweeteners, and agave. Not all sugar related categories because they also play a major role in body's operation. 

4) Starving yourself: As I always tell my clients. I know you wanna loss weight and that's why you are here, but please don't deprive yourself some necessary things. Don't force yourself into nutritional deficit. 

Don't take food that are not nutritious in the name of dieting. A good diet, doesn't hurt, it makes you become more healthier.  Anyone can lose a reasonable weight size while responding to their body's demand. Without starving their-selves. Don't make this mistake.

5) Don't Hate All Fat Food: Some people don't just want to hear anything about fat any longer. This is a whole lot of  misinformation people had about fat. Average people believe fat will make you gain weight and make you fat.

They don't care about the source of the fat, the nature or whatever. They just don't want to hear fat, either natural fats which could be from butter, coconut oil, cream or egg yolks. I always tell them not to assume all fats are bad and extremely dangerous to health.

Its a mistake and a misconception about what an idea fat loss means.

I Hope This Helps? 

Article By: Abolaji I.B. A fitness trainer and human kinetic expert.


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