Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Five Kind Of Men That Always Make Life Difficult For Their Women In A Relationship

Difficult men in a relationship
Love is a beautiful thing only if you are in love with someone who is trustworthy. Thousands of people are in one relationship or the other today, who are not proud of it. This is because they are completely with the wrong person. Trust issues is one of the most frustrating issues anyone could experience in a relationship with his/her partners. 

It is always difficult for us to trust someone who does not give room for that, and you must agree with me that love have no place in the absence of trust. There some men who you date, you can't trust them. You can't define your position in their hearts, you can't know what they are up to, they are not just there for you when you mostly needed them.

Though non of the both sex can be completely exempted from been capable of causing heartbreak to their partners, but with this post, I will only list five types of men that makes life more difficult for their women in a relationship because they cannot be trusted.

1) The Kind Of Men Who Hide Their Feelings: After the initial honeymoon, the wonderful experiences of great love just went silent. You don't know what they are up to. They are not telling you what you want to hear, which made it so difficult for you to define what's your position in their hearts. 

Did they still love you, or the love is burning can't just tell. Maybe you should move on or not, you can't predict. These kind of men, can make relationship look so frustrating to ladies. 
2) The Men Who Always Promise And Fail: Not keeping promise to some men is just a normal thing to them. They don't see it as anything bad. They give hope and promises to their women today, and tomorrow is another story entirely. These kind of men are not reliable, and can let down their women anytime, any moment and move on without regret. 

This kind of men is difficult and frustrate women in their lives so easy. If you don't want to be seen as one of those kind of men, kindly stop making too much promises beyond what you can fulfill.

3) The Kind Of Men Who Disappears Today And Reappear Tomorrow: This kind of men are weird and difficult to understand. They are with you today, you mean everything to them, they show love and cares. Suddenly, disappears without reason. They are not just there again. If you decide to move on with someone else, they reappeared again. 

This type of men can be frustrating and can make life more difficult for women in their relationship.

4) The Kind Of Men Who Treat Other Ladies Like Their Women: Nothing could be more provoking like not been specially treated by your man. This kind of man will tell you some wonderful words you want to hear, he tells you how beautiful and wonderful you are, he is caring and concern much about you.

When you try to observe him closely, you find out that is exactly how he talks and acts with other ladies around him. You can't just differentiate how he regards you with them. He gets you confused.

5) The Kind Of Men Who Never Invite Their Ladies To Their Homes: Ladies get more frustrated in a relationship after been into it for a reasonable period and the guy is not just willing to take her home. Doing this make her feel unsecured. 

To most women, this could just be a terrible feeling because they have really gotten attached to these guys but the guy is not ready to extend the relationship.
For a woman to trust and find you reliable as a man, you must avoid falling in any of the categories above. 

Ladies are you or once been in a relationship with any of these types of men?


  1. We just have to avoid them. Guys, if you know you fall into these five categories, please change for the best

    Topmost Tree

  2. Number five would cause me to call the whole thing off, because it's clear that the guy is hiding something.

  3. Ladies should be careful, men out there are just time wasters.


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