Saturday, 9 January 2016

Four Great Mistakes You Must Avoid After Break Up With Your Partners

what not to do after break up
Break up can be painful and often times it used to be the most difficult situation to handle by oneself. At this point, the heart has been hurt and broken which make someone to be more vulnerable to doing some stupid things. No doubt, it is better to kindly move out of a bad relationship rather staying there and hurt yourself.

Anybody experiencing break up can easily do silly things because they are not presently in their right state of minds. Their hearts has been broken, they are not in their right senses, they feel cheated, deceived, disappointed and deal away with the the so called person they trusted.

Most times, the fear of where and how to start again do wear them off that they start doing something so crazy and could affect their lives.

Below Are Few Things Not To Do When You Are Just Experiencing  A Break Up  

1) Don't Rush Into Another Relationship Immediately: This is more or less like trying to rest on something for support when you cannot longer stand on your feet. Most people are found of this, instead of them to settle down and make a better plan on how to move on with their lives in a better direction, they grab whosoever that comes their way for another relationship. 
If care is not taken, this new person may even pose more danger than the one who just betrayed you. So Be calm, don't rush to get someone in replacement. Try to walk on your own.
2) Don't Send Message To Your Ex: If there is anything I hate most in life, it is sending message to your ex to insult or beg them after you've both agreed to part ways. It is unhealthy of you to text your Ex pleading to get back with you or tell them that you are completely fine without them.

If I'm your ex. it is a great sign to me that you are not doing well without me. If you go this low and he/she refuses to come back, it would be more painful that you've dragged yourself on the floor in his eyes. 

3) Don't Lose Your Friends And Family: When people are seriously hurt, they don't want to talk to anybody. They shun friends and family members who are trying to render some helps. They prefer to luck up themselves inside and cry all days. With pains in their hearts, they may even insult people who could be of help to them.

If you do this, you could lose good friends permanently  and never gain them back again far after your healing period. Don't forget that it is only your friends and family members that can help to heal you. They were the best you had before the relationship commenced. So move closer to them again.

4) Stalking Them On Social Media:  You just want to know if your ex has move on or not. You keep checking their Facebook, twiter, Whatsapp, BBM, Instagram profiles for updates. Honestly, the more you do this, the more you continue to hurt yourself.

Continuous revisiting of their social platforms will definitely keep you connected to them and you will still feel like a part of them. It feels like a break up all over again and again when you find out they've moved on without you and are still proud about it.

Don't stalk on them, you really don't need to multiply your own pain, let them move on and allow yourself to heal. You will surely get someone who will appreciate you more better than them.

I Hope This Helps?

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