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How Do I Get Most Important Things Done On A Daily Basis?

How To Achieve every important goals you set
''How do you got most important things done so easy on a daily basis? I kept ending my days without doing quarter of what I might have highlighted to achieve in a day. I kept leaving things undone, running out of time and exhausting resource but yet so many important things remain unachievable. Some times, I felt totally overwhelmed and couldn’t get anything done.''

The above is just a little extract from our conversation with Micheal. A friend, a blog reader and someone very close around. It's from his permission that I decided to share some of our heart to heart discussion in a bank interview we met here in Kaduna two weeks ago before he was finally called him in on hot seat.

No School Teaches Smartness, You develop it
To be sincere, have never been surprised getting to know that after spending a number of years in the universities, most youths still lack the ability to be smart and productive in life. No matter what you studied, no matter the school you attended and irrespective of your numbers of years in the higher institutions, the issue of productivity and smartness still solely rest on your personal building. Since no course includes that in their curriculum in schools. You just have to learn it yourself, and do it yourself.

As an accountant, writer and blogger,  I've now reach a situation where I can no longer give up my profession ( Accountancy) to my passion (Writing and blogging) and vice versa. Therefore, prioritizing my time and resources is not negotiable to achieve a worthy result. So many tasks are just calling for attention and must be achieved on a daily basis but accomplishing all is overwhelming. Unless I prioritize, nothing could be achieved.

Giving Up On Something For Another Instead Of Giving Priority
Some years back I was a victim. I made a serious mistake of given up pursuing my passion to focus more on career development because I lack the sense of time management and giving priority to things that matters. The story is different today, because I've finally learn how to achieve most important things on a daily basis without giving up on others. 

With just three step, I got that done and am happy to share this with you today. Mind you, I don't have any magic to make you smart or be productive in life, they are just tips to help you out when you have multiple tasks to achieve within a time frame.

If you are in search of a magic, I can only advise you to stop reading this post and wait for another post which might not come up until I became a magician on this blog.

Below are tips on how to get the most important things done on a daily basis

1) Plan Your Day And Be Strict With Your Schedule: Every single person has something they value. The problem is that, most of us are not prioritizing our days and planning our life accordingly. To the few who prioritize, they find it easy to make plans. They do that on a daily basis. Unfortunately, majority of them go back to bed at night without achieving the first on the list not to talk of others. 

If you must be an achiever in life, you must be an excellent time manager. You know what you want to do tomorrow and you plan how to get it done with timing. Give priority to the most important ones and focus more on those that are in alignment with your values and beliefs as a human being.

Sometimes, my priority for the day could be sharing my posts all round the social media within a stipulated period of time in the morning. No matter what, I always remain focused and get it done within a stipulated period. 

I don't see any attractive link on the internet and click, chat with a friend,  like or comment on a friend's post or uploads. Doing any of these will surely distract me and get me doing something different from what I initially planned. 

Try to be focused as much as possible, because even when you prioritize your job but remained distracted along the way, you will still end up achieving nothing.

2) Learn To Say No: No no no should always be your response to someone or something you don't have appointment with. This will go a  long way in avoiding your time wasters. If you want to increase your productivity in a day, you must be good in avoiding unnecessary visitation. With the advent of technology, it is not necessary for someone to be in physical contact with you to be your visitor. 

Some comes inform of a chat, a call, mails, SMS, flash, or what have you. They all have one intention; to distract you and completely stop you from what you do. 

Some people are goals achievers and they are just good in doing that. They will only send you a chat or SMS after they might have achieved their set goals for the day. They feel like relaxing and reaching out to anybody for unnecessary discussion. 

Some others have nothing to achieve, no plan, no vision, no mission and just bored somehow. The both set of people are among your friends, and any one of them could just reach out to you, while you are so busy doing what you planned. 

Definitely, some of these people will get in touch, now left for you to say no when its not your break time. It is most important to let your friends or relatives know when you will not be happy having any form of distraction from them excepts in an urgent situation.

That's what I do, and its working like magic.

3) Pursue Your Passion: One of the automatic tickets to striving to achieve success is pursuing what you are passionate about. The secret is that, you will never get tired of doing it. You won't consider giving up and you will avoid any form distractions.  

I like writing and its my passion. I feel fulfilled each time I took three to five hours of my time to write a post. But its time consuming. It requires all your attention and seize your focus from others things.

If you are not passionate about it, you might not be able to make all the sacrifice. You might not be able to seize communication for a long hours because of writing. But if its what you really like, no matter the stress and the sacrifice will definitely get it done even though it will cost you your normal sleeping time.

That is the benefits of turning your passion to to career.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. wow.. thanks for sharing

  2. Giving Up On Something For Another Instead Of Giving Priority .i am so guilty of this


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