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How DO I Know I Am In True Love In A Relationship

How to know you are in tru love
True love is real but you can only believe it, when you are opportune to experience one. It goes far beyond physical looks, financial strength or any other form of worldly benefits. It  is more about growing as an individual with someone who really loves and cares for you. True love act as an agent of change in ones life, because it brings out the potential in someone's life.

True love is not meant to hurt you, its about making you a better and happier person in life. Therefore, it is more important to experience true love with a kind of real person. Partners have a great way of influencing our lives. As time moves on, we start to live together, eat together, develop the same belief, think in the same way, support each other and along the way, we affect each other's live. Either positively or negatively.

If you are in true love, there are certain things you experience that would make the relationship a wonderful one for you.  Here are some of the signs of been in a true love:
1) You Become More Hopeful: True love is to make us more positive and hopeful in life. No matter how tough the going goes, no matter the difficulties life has presented to you, true love makes you to remain hopeful. It makes you feel the problems are temporary. 

You become more positive, and see difficulties as just a mere challenge, that are not capable of weighing you down. If you are in true love, all imperfections will mean nothing to you rather than a temporary trial.

2) True Love Makes You Happy: Have you ever experiences joy and smiling and you can't tell the reasons? Do you feel much more comfortable with just a single minute calls from your lovers? You smile and laugh while chatting on phone? You feel so much happy checking your phone's gallery to see his/her pics, most especially the ones you took together?

If you are in true love, the reality is that you will never stop been happy for no reason. You will never stop smiling for an unknown reason. True love is nothing when it cannot give you a constant happiness and smile.

3) You Experiences Little Or No Provocation: One good thing about true love is that, it has its way of making you feel comfortable with every situation around your relationship. You hardly complain. You don't feel jealous unnecessarily because you trust your partner, you don't suspect them because you are sure they can't hurt you. 

You become extremely patient. Even when you are hurt, you understood your partners that they are not meant to hurt you. No matter what, you are hardly been provoked to lose your patience. That is a sign that you are in true love.

4) True Love Makes You To Be Humble: With true love, you will see everything around your relationship very satisfying. You become more content with your relationship and life in general. When you experience such a great feeling of contentment, you realize how lucky to have found a wonderful partner like yours while some others are suffering in theirs.

So you become more humble and tolerate people around. There is highly likelihood that someone in a terribly provoking relationship tends to get provoked so easily, be arrogant, be insultive, unhappy and non accommodative.

These are few things you will always enjoy for been in a true and real relationship with a wonderful partner.

Do You Have Something Else To Add To The List?

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  1. I can relate with No 2

  2. There is nothing as good as experiencing such!!!. True love doesn't keep secrets, it's so plain...I hope am experiencing one? Lolz

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  3. Heheheheee...
    I am learning. Love indeed is a beautiful thing. When you meet the right person, the feeling is just awesome.


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