Thursday, 14 January 2016

How Do I Stop Engaging In An Unnecessary Argument With my Partner?

Do you ever wonder why you always argue with your partner? Do you ever found out that sometimes you are always in an hitting argument with your partner? No matter how soft an issue is, you guys still ended up arguing and fighting over unnecessary things. And all efforts to arrest this situation always proven abortive as you cannot find an everlasting solution to stop it.
At this point, it sounds like your relationship is in a state of volatility and always ready for violence. Is like you both partners are growing in different directions with different interests. If this continues overtime, it could lead to a wide range of incompatibility.
Are you tired of nagging again again in your relationship with your partner? If yes, then this post will highlight few things you can do to stop arguing with your partner in your marriage or dating.

First Talk To Yourself:

Before you go to addressing the issue properly, you must ask yourself two sensitive questions which must be sincerely answered.
1) Did I Still Love My Partner? The reason for this is that, if you don’t love him/her any longer, then there is no need to settle with them. Love is everything, without love, don't read this post again.

2) Did I Still Need This Relationship: You must also be able to answer this question. In case you no longer need the relationship, just walk out.You must also determine if you can see any future in the relationship.

If your answers to these two questions are 'POSITIVE'. Then follow the following approaches to stop arguing with your partner.

1) Explore The Power Of Communication: This is not new, I've said it here time without number. Communication plays a major role in every relationship. Therefore, you must talk to your partner about your thoughts and how unhappy you are. 

Tell them how the constant argument wear you off. Inform him/her of your love for and let him know you are ready to work things out in the relationship.Whatever your partner says determines the next step to take.

2) Give A Short Break: You can just seek for a break for a cooling period. Give them some little distance to cool your brain and strategise on how to get things in order. In most cases, a little distance can help partners relax their anger on each other and think for a better way out to stop argument. 

3) Always Think About The Love: This is one of the reasons why you must ask yourself the first two
question above. You need to always think about the love that you have for your partner. Think much of what you love about him/her and the wonderful roles they've played in your life.With this, you will think less of their fault when they are in error and avoid unnecessary argument.

4) Avoid Anything That Can Lead To Argument: You can also help this out. You are in the relationship and you should know the major cause of your usual argument with your partner. Are you the cause? Can you do anything to stop it? If yes, do. 

Am not saying you should avoid your partner, but avoid anything that could cause a problem between you guys as much as possible.

Doing all of this will definitely call his/her attention to all the efforts you are making towards creating an enabling environment for the relationship. I believe your partner will also do the same to compensate you.

I Hope This Helps? 

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  1. educative, and it sure helps

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  2. 4 is the best option and it has been working for me

    1. Smiling...that means Bola is making a serious sacrifice. I know lawyers like argument...but you are dealing away with that in your marriage. That's cool.

  3. very educative.

  4. It should really help...I hope people understand how awful an argument can go at times and terrible things it can lead to. May God help us!!!


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