Saturday, 16 January 2016

How I Created My Evergreen Blog Post Without Been Selfish As A Blogger

How To Create An Evergreen Blog Post
Last night, I slept off with an empty mind. I was a bit frustrated as nothing in mind to write about the this morning. Woke up as early as 4.30am today, an hour to our usual Zubhi prayer.  Instead of me to think of what to write.

I quickly put on my computer, logged on to blogger and google analytics, checked my yesterday pageviews with other statistics. Ran to my Feedburner's account to check the increment in my email subscribers. Checked my twitter followership, facebook, G+ and I was satisfied thereafter.

When Did I Became So Selfish? I asked Myself...

I was so desperate to see positive changes because, they all have their ways of affecting my popularity on the web, my traffic and my earnings. What I failed to take into cognizance, was if am passing any message across or not.

As a blogger, what I did is not strange to you. You do it everyday and you understand what am talking about. The reality is that, bloggers are getting more selfish every day. Do you observed that?

Presently, am finding this very disturbing. Not because bloggers are no longer hardworking, but the recent change of focus in our daily activities on the web space. Its now more easier for bloggers to click on link that teaches '1001 ways to increase blog traffic' instead of  opening another link that says  '2 simple ways to write a wonderful blog post'. 

We are gradually shifting from the usual givers to gainers. Always interested in gaining more traffic, gaining more blog subscribers, increase followers, ads placement and popularity...we are just more about gaining, gaining and gaining. 

What happened to our initial plans of reaching out to people on a voluntary basis? What about selflessness in our services to humanity and having people at the topmost of our hearts like before?

What Are Bloggers Getting Wrong About Their Readers?

Readers to every bloggers are like kings. As there would never had been a popular bloggers without some loyal readers. Its therefore necessary that, in whatever we want to do on our blogs, we must consider the interests of those wonderful readers.

But due to the changes in our focus as we keep blogging, we ignored the major stakeholders and do what pleases us. We change our blog niches, theme, without their knowledge and make some posts not thinking about their interests. As long as as post would bring us traffic, more ads and add popularity to our personality, its good to go.

Blog readers could be described as groups of  musician's fans. They give us everything to perform on the stage. They pay for tickets, gave us the audience and support powerful enough to reach out to the whole world. 

All they need in return is a 'quality posts, timely news, and trendy gist'. But do you think they are getting that from us? It left for you to judge.

Reasons Why Goal Setting Could Kill You Blog

Through this blog, I made a lot of self improvement posts compelling us to set goals. But if care is not taking,
it could make you to be so selfish. You won't mind going to any length in order to get your goals achieved. At long run, forcing you to forget your readers and deviate completely from your initial focus.

The simple reason for this is that, most of your goals are about you not about your readers. The goals are often the types we want to use in improving ourselves and our career, and achieving these make us fulfilled.  But is that really a success, even when we are sure no reader has ever gained anything from us?

How I Created My Evergreen Blog Post

When I created my first blog in 2012 before I finally sold it. Then I understood little to non about blogging, no SEO knowledge and I have no single subscriber in any social media. I made a single post which remained the first and only post on the blog for the next nine months. 
All I wanted to do was to help as many as possible people with my words. Then, I don't know how to get traffic, don't even know I can make money blogging but I surely knew what it takes to write a wonderful heart touching post.

I spent five days researching and writing that single post. When I finally put it up, it remained on the blog for 9 good months without another post. 

But believed me, that post actually opened ways for me. On a daily basis, I logged on to my mail to receive compliment and appreciations from people who came across the post and found it awesome.

I made so many wonderful friends through the post, so many buyers, so many offers from people who wanted me to write for them. I finally sold the blog with the article for an attractive sum of money in 2013. 

What Makes The Blog With A Single Post So Unique And What Was The Post  About?

I know you may want to ask me this, all I did was to tell a story not about myself but my sister to the testimony of the miracle of God. Its was a story of survival from what people and medical experts termed impossible. I wrote it so incredibly good that people hardly read it without getting in touch with the writer.
I put up that post without thinking about myself or any possible gains. I only wrote it and presented myself as someone who was living my life in service to humanity, in giving people hope, in making people to work hard and in making people to believe in possibilities. Fortunately, it later pays me back with respect, appreciation and money.

My Words For You
In whatever position you find yourself, instead of planning on how much you can gain, why not planning it on much you can give to people without expecting any reward? 

Be a good giver in all time, give people the love they deserved, give them your time and present yourself to them as a wonderful gift from Allah. It helps and will surely reward you back with what you could ever imagined.

Don't be selfish.


  1. you are 100% right. Be a good giver- bloggers please take note
    Thanks for sharing

    Topmost Tree

  2. So much to learn from this post. Well done bro, and thanks for the word of advice

    Alabekee's Blog

  3. hmmmn! you nailed it saheed.May God help us.i noticed recently that bloggers are after the money and not the content they put on their blog.thats why we see different annoying blogs everywhere.

  4. I can't agree less... bloggers should understand all that blgging entails and not just about traffic and making money

  5. May God help us not to lose focus and become selfish. In as much as making money from your blog isn't a bad idea, many blogger are running away from the planting season unaware that you can't sow where you have not planted.


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