Monday, 11 January 2016

How To Be More Attractive To The Men I Love

how to make a man love me
Have you ever meet a very pretty lady who is unable to attract any man? You might think this is impossible or strange, but it happens on a daily basis. In recent time,  we see so many pretty girls like angels who could not be boastful of a single man that is attracted to them. 

This is contrary to popular belief that, beautiful women attract the most wonderful men around. What we all need to understand these days is that, it takes more than a pretty face and a nice figure for a man to find ladies attractive.

Though physical attractiveness is certainly important, but it is mainly useful when attracting someone who is just meeting you for the first time. But to someone who already knows you, your personality plays a major role in getting the attraction you deserved rather than your looks.

It is very possible to attract a man for the first time with your physical appearance, but it takes so many other components in you to keep such a man. If you are a woman who are not in possession of what most men like to see in women despite your beauty, it could be difficult to find a committed serious man for a healthy relationship. 

Below are few things to do in order to attract men as a woman

1) Work On Your Physical Attractiveness: To be sincere with you, physical look is one of the things that attracts men to women at the first time. I'm not saying you should be extremely beautiful ( you are not God), but you can dress up yourself to always look appreciable by men. The way you dressed determines how you will appear. Its good to look good. 
2) Build Your Self-Confidence: You have to feel secured and believe in who you are, how you look and your ability as a woman. You don't have to keep doubting yourself or feeling unsecured. Believe in yourself, be confident. Don't allow any man to look down on you because of the way you look on yourself.

3) You Have To Be Relaxed When With Them: You are a midst of men and you are not feeling comfortable. No matter how pretty you are, no man will appreciate you. Some of them may even misunderstood you to be proudly. No matter how stressful your day was, you just have to hide that, and behave calm and friendly. Make them comfortable to talk with you by creating some familiarity topics of discussion.

4) Be Polite In Rejecting A Date: A wrong person asked you out and you hanged him up with the biggest insult. Don't ever think you can do that without negative effects. No matter how pretty you are, this will surely affect the real person you wanted to be attracted to. 

You don't need to disrespect anybody, just voice out your opinion in a very understandable and respectable manner. If you are found of insulting men, it will soon go round and the real man you needed his attention may not want to come for his own share of insult.

I Hope This Helps?


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