Thursday, 1 June 2017

How To Choose The Best Blog Niche And Earn Money Like Popular Bloggers

how to choose the most profitable blog niche
Until recently, I never thought starting a blog could be so difficult. Its really simple when it comes to getting a blog design or buying a domain name. Blogging becomes so tough when it got to the point of choosing what kind of a blogger to be. As a hardworking talented youth, you passionately want to be a blogger. A blogger whose blog expresses what he/she. 

Confused In Choosing A blog Niche

Now your blog is ready, but you completely lacked the idea on how to go about it, in order to be the blogger you wanted to be. Each attempt you made to drop a post, makes you feel completely disconnected from your blog. After putting hours on a blog post, you quickly reverted it back to draft because the idea in the post does not reflect what you really want it to.

Virtually all the niches you wanted to try is overcrowded and a lot of popular personalities in that aspect making your chances to become slimmer.  Now you started giving up, sometimes you wonder if you should just give up. Moreover, you doubted if all the popular bloggers around went though such stress in the past. If 'NO'...that means you are not made to be a blogger....

The problem is because, you haven’t decided what kind of blogger you want to be. Could it be Tech blogger, Entertainer, Counselor, Anonymous,  Money making or a Personal Development Blogger like me. You really want choose one but difficult to decide.

From my experience... Now let me explain this little fact about blogging 

There are couples of reasons why people create blogs and take it for a career job. They committed so much of their time, energy and resources online. One among those reasons is "Internet Money Making". This can be said to be the major reason why so many people want to start up their own blogs today.

They are right...and they are not greedy... Online money is real and thousands of internet users are making money from it on a daily basis. So if the main reason for which you want to start your own blog is to make money, you are also not wrong.

On the contrary, you still have to note this because.... it is very possible to be an active blogger and yet it won't be for the purpose of money making? There are so many bloggers writing and posting because it just their passion and they feel like helping others. The reward for this kind of good gesture is not measurable in naira not even in dollars. 

Now that you understand these should be able to decide and be who you want to be without the influence of money at the expense of your passion.

How Do Popular Bloggers Make Money?

Each time I receive calls or chats from young guys who wishes to create their blogs, the common question they always want to know is how are bloggers making money, how is Linda Ikeji, Laila, Stella, Jide (Ogbongeblog)  fetching money from the rivers of their blogs.

My response is always simple, which is "I can't say," because even me myself don't know how to. And the higher you buy e-books on the internet money making, the more you get confused and the more they encourage you to buy another without earning a dine. 

Simple Best Way To Be The Blogger You Wanted To Be

I have no doubt that, one of the greatest supports to a person’s happiness is passion. Passion is the major ingredient most successful bloggers has in common irrespective of their blogs' niche. They are passionate about what they do. They can't get tired of doing it, no matter how tough. This is what it takes to be a blogger.
Having passion for your blog gives you a reason to keep working hard despite the challenges and obstacles. Blogging in a passionate way gives you purpose. It gives meaningful structure to your time spent on the internet. It changes your perception about money and dream.  

The easiest way to be the type of blogger you want is to follow your passion. What you have passion for, has a great means of influencing your life and career. You hardly get tired of matter. Pursue your dream and passion competently and your reader will see you as an genius and thereafter money and other benefits will flow in.

Most of the tangible money have earned via this blog were not from my adsense or affiliate banners...they are cash I earned from people who appreciate what I do and are ready to do anything to support it.


  1. thanks for sharing dear

  2. This couldn't have been well explained. My take is that keep doing what you are doing you never can tell who is watching or who is reading your articles.

  3. That's the key. Be passionate about what you are doing

    Topmost Tree

  4. The sad truth is that ads muck-up the looks of a blog. If blogging is your career path, I guess it's something you just have to live with. My thought about my blog is that it would never make money, so the only result of running ads would be a visually ugly blog.

    1. Honestly you've said the truth. Nothing good in ads placement, just that sometimes we can't just do away with them to get a little compensation for our efforts inform of payment.

      Though, the best still remains having an intention of not earning money on your blog. That's cool and make you free.

  5. Nothing works better like passion. It keeps you going when the road seems tough
    i also do receive lots of msgs on how they can make money from their blog but they focus more on the building rather than the foundation which is passion

    1. you just said it all. I doubt if the senders of those newsletter know how to, and if they do, they are not saying the reality

  6. Passionate blogging or Money blogging... Both ways but first off you need passion to survive in both else you fade when the money isn't coming or when the inspiration to drive your passion isn't there.... But most people blog now for trying to be one successful blogger or the other, forgttn that we all can't be the same... Tnx for sharing ...

    Too much ads if neatly placed is so cool, but when not well arranged to blend with your blog colour or design makes it look awful and (JAGAJAGA).... Lol

    Did I make sense?

    Greetings from.... leXHansplaCE

    1. Yeah...Some bloggers don't really care how the ads look, so far it can earn cash. I think most readers don't like this.

    2. and again it will make their pages so slow to load which is very annoying and tiring,i had to remove all those unnecessary banner taking my space,cos my readers complained.

      if you dont havepassionforblogging ,youcanneverlastlong

  7. Passion, patience and persistence always lead to progress and perfect ion at what one does.


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