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Marriage As An Institution and Effects Of Divorce On Our Society

effects of divorce on marriage and our society
I presented this paper in Youths With Culture Initiatives' Program early 2014. Where I was a guess speaker and meant to talk about ''Marriage As An Institution and Effects Of Divorce On Africa Society. Today I find it worthwhile to share it with you, as the topic is still more relevant to our contemporary society. Read below: 

''Family as a basic social institution which is structured with a special purpose. The purpose of which is diverse from one society to another, culture to culture and one religion to another. As important as the African family setting, it comes as a product of a successful marriage. So therefore, in human existence, there is no any defined arrangements which is as important and valuable as that of marriage.

It's role in creating an harmonious families eventual lead to the existence of a peaceful society. Which means, without marriage, our generation would have gone into extinction.

We are living in a community where, married people are not only been cherished but viewed and regarded as the most responsible. Marriage is not only valuable as an institution itself, but also command certain societal values and respects for one who is able to get married at an appropriate TIME. The issue of appropriate time here, has been discussed in my article tittle the best time to get married

What Are The Purpose Of Marriage In The Society? 

The question can be answered in different dimensions, and it still has to do with cultural belief, societal expectation and individual perspectives. 

To some people, marriage is just a union between two people of opposition sex formulated for the purpose of giving birth. 

While some see and regarded it as a legitimate way of gaining a constant access to sexual intercourse. 

Unfortunately, going by the two categories, they have completely neglected the main purpose for which any reasonable marriage is constituted.

In real sense, marriage is not only a union between two people but also an agreement between two separate families with the intention of creating an environment for continuity of our social life. Without it, no society.

Why People Go Into Marriage With Wrong Intention

In spite of the above mentioned importance of Marriage, we still have so many cases of marital problems which most times do eventually ended up with divorce. This can only be attributed to the failure of young couples to give certain considerations to some important issues before walking to the altar. 

To most of them,  the only thing that is worthy of note are beauty and financial capabilities as the case may be. The see the institution called marriage as a kind of social arrangement which can be temporally formulated today and dissolve tomorrow. 

It is more or less like a commercial bus which anyone can decide to drop at anytime when he or she is no longer convenient with the journey. 

A successful marriage cannot merely be built on beauty, wealth, child bearing or satisfaction of sexual urge alone. Unfortunately, most marriages that are constituted this time are either built on one or all of the factors above. This is where the foundation of divorce is becomes an in-built into our marital process.

Why Must Marriages Resort To Divorce

Just like terrorism, divorce is now a global phenomenon because of the alarming rate with which marriages
collapse. Every weekend, couples are joined together in our Churches and Mosques across the country while divorce is a daily occurrence. 

This means the more wedding parties are attended every weekend, the more marriages collapse on a daily basis. This is a serious threat to any peaceful society. We all know that, what constituted an happy society is a group of happy marital homes.

As this problem continues and remained unchecked, I keep asking myself , that, what are the roles of these religious leaders in preventing the marriages they consummated from been collapsed? Can we conclude that they are only good in joining couples? 

And again, what happened to the expected efforts from the both families from which the couples come? Parents are not only saddled with the responsibility of providing pre-marital counseling to their children but also must ensure things go down well even after the marriage.

The Negative Effects Of Divorce On The Society

The negative effects of divorce can now be easily seen everywhere in our society. The future of so many potential youths has been ruin as a result of broken homes. The effects of which still burned down to the society. This is because sociologically, an individual problem inevitably becomes a societal problem at large.

In order to prevent the continuous occurrence of this daily break up, it is therefore recommended that, someone going into marriage should go with a meaningful intention. Parents should not only provide money to finance the wedding alone, but should also take their time to attend to and provide an urgent solution to any marital problem that comes up.

In any marriage ceremony, religious houses must stress out the need to report any serious marital conflict to them before heading to court for divorce. And must lay more emphasis on the negative effect of divorce, especially on the family and the society.''

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  1. This is good one and would be more beneficial if it can be on a hard copy for real considering what our society is currently undergoing.

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  2. The ratea t which marriages break down irretrievablyi s alarming and also scary.I don't know what newly weds are not doingo r failed to do.

  3. May God heal our marriages and give us the grace to make it work so that divorce will be far away from us.

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