Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Meet The Top 10 Nigerian Bloggers Friends Of Mine With Their Blogs

The the greatest mistake anyone can make in any profession is living in isolation. Apart from the fact that we can't be self sufficient as an individual, we also have enough to learn from one another and together greatness, can be achieved with collective efforts.

Ever since my presence on the internet, I've met a lot of wonderful people that I would not have met, if not for this platform. I met so many bloggers and we eventually turn friends (both foreign and Nigerians). Therefore, tonight, I will introduce you to only ten out of numerous wonderful Nigerian bloggers I have as friends. They have contributed immensely to the growth of myloverstrick.com.

Below are them and their blogs......Hmmmmm confused of who to list and who not to. Just ten? Haaa!!! Ok.

1)  Trend Living Blog: This popular blog is a platform where you can trendwithgloria. Its all about lifestyle, trendy gist, God's words, inspiration and lot more. Whenever you are emotionally down and you need someone to talk to you through the words of God, kindly visit www.trendwithgloria.com. The Blogger herself is Gloria Okaiman.

2) BMF: Its a blog own and run by Bolatito Fashina, a Barrister turns blogger. Her blog touches all sphere of life. Ranging from Edutainment, health, social, legal and real life issues. Feel free to rock her blog at www.bolatitoblog.com In case you wanna hire a lawyer, am not one but she is.

3) Alabekee's Blog: Its a Nigerian blog run by Alabekee herself. Its inform of an online portal for latest juicy news. With amazing wonderful unbelievable end's time stories and anything in between. *wink*. join her at www.alabekee.com

4) ChincoBee Accessories' Blog: Its a creative blog that focuses on handmade African accessories, fashion and every other African related outfits and you can also learn how to make accessories yourself through her blog. The blog is own by Chinco Bee and run by her at http://chincobee.blogspot.com

5) A Naija Mom's Diary: The blog is about the diary of a typical Nigerian mother which is always used to inspire the married and singles. You can visit her blog though http://naijamomsdiary.blogspot.com .

6) Egwumba - Up 's Blog: First male blogger on the list. Ugo Egwumba is a Nigerian blogger who uses his blog to share issues around himself. The blog is all about anything that matters to him. He is a controversial man that you will enjoy reading from. http://egwumbaugochukwu.blogspot.com .

7) Netsocial Blog: Its a top quality blog on blogging tips, social media, computing and mobile phone apps. The CEO of this blog is Tunde Sanusi, he is an e-brother and a friend. Join him at www.netsocialblog.com

8) Adene Gift's Blog: Owns and run by Adene Gift. Its a purely Nigerian, African and worldwide news blog. Full of inspiration, latest gist, entertainment, jokes and much more of giveaways (weekly and monthly). Join him at www.adenegift.com

9) Top Most Tree: Owns by Temitope Akinnagbe, a Nigerian blogger who specializes on inspirational messages, Church information and Holy gists. She is just good in carrying news about Christians and their Faith. Join her here http://topmosttree.blogspot.com.

10) Favourmoyse Blog: Favour Moyse is a Nigerian lifestyle blogger and she uses her blog to tell more of what goes around in her world. She talks about God and she is such an interesting writer. Feel free to visit fovourmoyse.blogspot.com and rock her blog.

Here are few of my friends blogs and will be introducing you to others anytime soon, both Nigerians and non Nigerians. I need to go to bed right now.

PLS NOTE: The listing of the blogs above is not in order of any criteria or preference rather than how they quickly came to my mind while I was drafting this post.

Bless you guys.  


  1. Awwww! To say that I'm excited to see this is an understatement. Thanks so much bro, God bless.

  2. thanks dear.....

  3. 1st male blogger to be mentioned... I am feeling so fly right now, lol.
    I don't know how I made this list, but I am grateful.Thank you especially for being able to put up my blog niche for what it truly is.
    You are one of a kind. Thank you.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  4. Yaaay!thanks for the mention.Thanks for your frequent visit too.I have not forgotten you,as per your giveaway.sure chincobee has gotten intouch with you.

    Bolatito’s Blog

    1. Ahahahahhaha see me oooo

      Saheed don't worry, should send your book this January biko!!!

      Thank youuuuu for the mention. Ordinary me, chincobee osheyyyy

    2. For my giveaway, the case is already with EFCC to investigate with whom it is between two of you. I guess they are still busy with arms deal that's why they not invited you guys.

      You are welcome.

  5. Wow thanks uthman for this great post, It surely made me feel encouraged. The way you were able to describe the blog niches perfectly well still beats my imagination. I wouldn't have given a better description of my blog.
    Thanks again and may God bless you.


    1. Am happy to know you like it. You are most welcome

  6. "Here are few of my friends blogs and will be introducing you to others anytime soon, both Nigerians and Nigerians "

    Better o, because I can break a leg o. Ehn ehn.

    1. Covering my face....hmmm.

      Esther how are you doing?

  7. Thank you. May God bless you. You are going higher this season. I am grateful

    Topmost Tree

  8. Awww bro. I feel so honoured, thanks so much for the mention and i hope to meet my e-brother too one day.
    Gloria ought to buy you a drink for topping this list. *wink* hehehehe
    Am coming late on this post cos my blogging phone had gotten spoilt.

  9. nice1 uthman..... well mentioned I say....


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