Friday, 1 January 2016

My 2015 Year's Review And Happy New Year

Despite all the challenges, its  amazing how lucky we are to had experienced a wonderful 2015 and today we’ve now reached the end of the year and began a new one. How has been your year and what are you looking forward to in the new year? For some years now, it has always been in my schedule to write down my new year resolution at the beginning of every year and also write a review on how far I was able to achieve those goals at the end of the year.

I’d say 2015 was a year of service to my country and to humanity. I spent ten out of the whole twelve months of the year in another man's land which was so far to my place of residence. It has also been a busy year with much of travelling, and presently, am putting up this post while on a end of the year tour from Kaduna - Abuja - Niger - Kogi - Ekiti - Kwara - Osun - Oyo and finally hoping to end the trip in Lagos State to have some days rest with my friends and go back home. This special trip took some days which is the major reason why I've not been regular on the internet for some days now.

Back to the review for year 2015, let me say the year has been a goals achievement and self fulfilling one, though not actually a financial one. Its unfortunate that I was unable to achieve the financial target I set early this year. Maybe because I became too busy to pursue the dream of attaining a financial independence or because of the tight economic situation we are into. Strengthening my financial ability is likely to the first on the list for 2016.

2015 was a great year of transformation for me. It has impacted so big on my life. I got to exposed more to life, not on the perspective from which I see life, but I was able to see life from the perspective of the most vulnerable people. I got to know that millions of people are still living in this modern age that cannot afford a square meal per day. Many could not afford their medical bill and decided to die. I met people who could not afford to send their children to school in a free education system because they can't afford a school uniform of #1500. 

I was also opportuned to witness and live life just like the rich money bags. Not because I became rich during the year, but it was an opportunity I enjoyed through some of my wonderful friends I met on this blog. This actually made me understand the different perspectives through which people see this life.

To some, end day should come today because they've really lost the will to live due to frustration. A good and very close social media friend of mine lost the will to live, felt suicidal and killed himself despite all counseling. Another got himself killed by the forces in December due to the wrong orientation he had from the religious sect he belong. On the contrary, some are still willing to live for hundreds of years because they had all it takes to meet their need. I really learnt so much from the year.

How My Blog Promoted Me In The Past Year

As for my blog, it has been my most wonderful constant companion. Along the way, it became a baby that I would have to feed with new contents, check its well being through google analytic and promote through all possible means on a daily basis. One of the things I got in return is meeting a lot of wonderful people like you, and promoting my name in return.

Just during my end of the year's trip, somewhere in Kogi State a lady addressed me as Mr. Loverstrick, I was so surprised because that was the least environment I could ever imagined anyone will know me.

I also attended a job interview in recent time. The moment one of the women on the panel noticed my blog address on my c.v, it became the topic of discussion on the floor. They all picked interest in it and I started answering questions on how bloggers earn money. I never thought I could be so much respected, been a job seeker among them.

For 'myloverstrick', I think I've achieved most of the goals I  set for year 2015. In this new year, I'm looking forward to extend more helping hand to those in need through my own NGO which is at the process of been fully registered and I'm putting logistics in place presently.

I wished to reach out to more people in the internally displaced people's camps, help them in my own ways to make life more easier and better for them. In 2015, I got to know that, richness is not measured with the value of dollars in your bank accounts, but the numbers of people you've helped that cannot pay you back.

I also wished I could move closer to God, I wished there is peace in the whole World, am looking forward to experiencing year 2016 without Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-sabab in Somalia, Taliban in Afganistan, ISIS in Seriah and Iraq, killing in Palestine and Yemen, and all other forms of terrorism and oppression from the developed nations. All I wished is a year without people undertaking desperate journey just for survival.

Special thanks to you, yes 'you' for always been there for me, you made my year a very fulfilling one. Wished you an happy New year.

 How was your year and have your review it?


  1. Happy new year uthman. Indeed it has been a great year.

  2. Happy new year dear,may this year be better than the last

  3. happy new year dear

  4. 2015 was indeed eventful with its dramas...but I thank God we made it to 2016 where the prospects are bright.

    Well done Sir... let's make 2016 happen.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  5. Congrats on those opportunities. Yeah, my blog is my own baby too. Have a fabulous 2016 boss

    Happy new year to you.

  6. Waoh. You're such a brave person bro for putting your blog address in your C.V. hahaha
    And yeah, 2015 was one of the toughest year i've experienced, tough enough to lead someone of a VERY fragile mind to do bad things to himself but i thank God i was able to pull it through.
    To that of the social media person who took his life, its so sad to hear that. Its not easy dealing with Frustration (talking from experience).
    And I also look forward to also being financial independence.
    Best wishes

  7. Happy new year uthman

  8. happy new year mr sa`id

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  9. Hello, surely last year was fantastic for you. I am sure this year also will be excellent. You positive thinking will surely be an added advantage.

    As far as peace in this world, I think the situation is deteriorating year after year. Today, I read in the news paper Donald Trump accusing Obama and Hillary for encouraging ISIS.

    Wish you a wonderful New Year.

  10. Mr lovers trick where are you?

    Please visit

  11. Happy 2016 Uthman, and thanks a lot for checking on me while I was away


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