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My Night Journey's Experience During Festive Period On The Highway

night bus travelling and sex
''The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rest his head on his old, familiar pillow.'' In life it is important to do some certain things before its too late. Among those things I found deem fit is traveling as much as possible. Most times, its fun to see new things which are entirely different from what you are used to, on a daily basis in your natural environment. 

Two days to the end of 2015, I decided to undertake a trip which took me some couples of days and it cut across so many States of the Federation, Started from Kaduna and ended in Lagos where I spent some couples of days before coming back home. 

Preparation And Taking Off The Journey

In a day to take off my journey, I was busy arranging all my items. Not because I had lot to choose from, but because I simply was not sure of what exactly to take along with me. So I spent most of the day parking. I foreseen it might not be an easy one because of its nature. So I decided to leave my computer, and some other daily appliances that give me easy access to internet.

It was December time, particularly few days to a new year. The period which has always been marred with a whole lot of dangers on the road. Such as vital accident, armed robbery, kidnapping and so many more. I was to start the trip by going to Kwara to meet some couples of friends from where we will start the tour to other States in their cars.

Therefore, me and my family members had to organize a special pray to seek God's protection. The prayer was not a joke, it was so serious, that you would assumed if there was a prophesy that something terrible will happen. 

Early hours of 30th Dec.,  I was drove to the park, and at exactly 7a.m, the car drove off. It was a car of just seven passengers, therefore, it was so comfortable and I was enjoying the journey until an hours later, somewhere around Abuja where the car's engine completely got knocked down. 

The driver could not help than to tell us the fact, and called their office for an immediate replacement of the car. Which took them two hours before arrival. That was how the supposed journey of 9 hours turned 12 hours. I got to Kwara at night, where I met my friends and we started the journey proper that very night. Though in our own car.
My Experience On The Night Journey

Despite the inherent dangers pose by bad state of our highways and arm robbery, there seems to be no reduction in the number of people who choose to go on journeys in the night especially during the festive period. I observed that some passengers preferred night travels for different reasons. Though its always traffic-free, interesting and a lot more. 

Most of my journey throughout the trip was at night. I noticed that, despite the huge turn out of travelers for night journey, it is not always save. No security and travelers are just exposed to dangers from various angles. If anything should go wrong, you are on your own. That is the nature of night buses in Nigeria.

Some young guys choose to embark on night journey because they make new female friends, keep a journey romance with them just like a couple. You would imagined if they've known each others for years when you see how they relate. Some guys are there to steal and pick valuables from the bus when people are sleeping.   
Night Bus Experience From A Journey Mate
While we are in a luxury buses park in Lagos trying to come back to Kaduna. I met a guy who narrated  how he became a free sexual beneficiary of night bus to me. He said... 

'' The first time I took a night bus from Kano to Lagos. There was a lady beside me and we've been discussing for awhile. Several ours into the journey and about to get to part of Osun State. She started yawning which was a great sign of feeling asleep. She decided to rest her head on my shoulder and I made her comfortable by crossing my hand on her shoulder. 

In few minutes, I got to understand her body language and I intentionally took my hand to her boobs. She did nothing rather than taking her hand towards my zip. Bent down a bit to suck my d*ck while I continue smooching her boobs. She later sat on my lap and we had s*x, while majority of the passengers were deeply sleeping. 

She alighted at Ibadan, while the journey continue to Lagos. I can't imagine I did such with a complete stranger. We did not exchange numbers, can't even remember if she told me her name. She was a complete stranger. Thank God she did not rob me anything, because some ladies do that to extort all the valuables with the man in romance. Ever since then, I've learnt to always travel with condom.''

The story was a complete shocker to me and I got thinking over it till I alighted in Kaduna the following morning. I just imagined if I was in that situation...I for just...hmmmm hummm.

I'm back and I missed 'My loverstrick', my friends blogs, the internet and you. Thanks for checking on me while I was away. Smart, Jerry and Mariam thanks for your calls all away from America, England and Egypt respectively...Thanks to those who sent me mails, whatsapp, on those who keep checking this blog for update. I'm deeply honored. We could not be one family than this. 

I love you.


  1. Thank God for journey mercies and welcome back.

    Are you serious?that really happened with a complete stranger?some people though. he no even fear whether the babe na one demon.

    Missed your ENDTIME comments

    Chincobee’s Blog

    1. Smiling...thnk you for missing my comments. Hope you are good?

  2. Some ladies are complete whores. You can imagine indulging in sexual acts with a total stranger right inside the bus. O'ma se oooooo. BTW, welcome back bro

    Alabekee's Blog

  3. That lady eeeeh!... I rest my comment.
    Night journey could be scary, I have tried it only ones. I don't I will like to try it again.
    Thank God for journey mercies... welcome back bro.

  4. Different things happen in night trip indeed. Please uthman stop night trips o i detest it have never tried it. The only time one of my siblings tried it from Kano to PH for an interview, they were robbed. It's a no no in my family. Thank God yours was successful and good to have you back.

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