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Three Great Mistakes You Must Avoid In Order To Achieve Your Goals In Life

life mistakes you must avoid
'A football match without goal poles always leads to frustration.' also ' a football match with multiple goal poles is confusing'... Every life has a purpose, and every ambitious man must set a goal. For any life to be regarded as been well spent, it must achieved if not all, but majority of its set goals and objectives. A life that has nothing else to achieve in form of a goal, is not worthy.

From the above statements, setting and achieving life goals are extremely important in human's life. What most people fail to know is that, its not all about increasing the numbers of goals to be achieved on a daily basis, its about setting an achievable goal.

I've Never Achieved Any Of My Goals Until Last Three Years

When I was a bit younger, it used to be my pride to set goals, so I like setting goals. I like giving myself a specific time to complete any given task. I make new year resolution on a yearly basis, but there was never a time that, I achieve anything concrete among my goals. I always ended up not achieving any, among multiples.

I thought I lacked goals' achievement strategies or I was not good enough to achieve those goals, so kept trying without any change.

Can't really tell what was wrong, I just assumed it could either be a natural failure or I was not lucky to be a goals achiever. Not until in the last three years, when I found out that, I do make some sneaky mistakes which are capable of failing my plans until, those mistakes are addressed.

Making any of these mistakes will not only make achieving life goals more challenging for you, but close to unachievable.

Below Are The Greatest Mistakes You Must Avoid To Be A Goal Achiever

1) Setting Too Much Goals To Achieve: The greatest mistake anyone can make while trying to be an achiever is pursuing several goals at once. Doing this might guarantee you of achieving few among so many other goals you set, but don't be surprised when you ended up achieving nothing.

Setting those goals is easy, but along the way, you trying to remember all those goals is a tiresome task and could become unproductive. Not only are you spreading yourself too thin by dividing limited resources as time, energy and motivation between multiple goals, but you also work harder, instead of working smarter.

As a human being, our brain is not meant for excessive stress. If you want to achieve any worthwhile goals, start small and focus on just one goal at a time. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get great results.

2) Setting An Extremely Big Goal: Often times, we tend to set a very huge goal not minding how we gonna achieve them within a time frame.

Often times, we do failed to remember that, any bigger unrealisable goal we set is always procrastinated and left unachieved. Intentionally, we often avoid them by focusing on the smaller, more easier and  pleasant ones.

For you not to keep setting unachievable goals, try as much as possible to break down your big goals into realistic units that can be achieved within a specific period of time. 

For you to build a house, you need to start from somewhere. There is a time for land clearing, to laying foundation, laying blocks before roofing and so on. Its nice to have a huge goals, but its a waste of time not to divide it into achievable units.

Always keep it simple....

3) Giving Up Along The Way: Its easier say than done. So many people dreamed of been educated, they later gave up along the way. Some people wished to be footballers, but could not bear the training stress.

'Quiters never wins and winners never quit' they said. No matter how huge or simple your goal is, it is achievable in as much as they were set within the obtainable resources in your care. All it requires of you is a constant and consistence efforts.

Instead of you to consider giving up along the way, it is important to be clear about your goals. Knowing exactly where you want to get in life, who do you want to become and what you want to have, creates momentum and gives you initial boost of motivation.

Doing this would make you stick to your goals much longer and felt more motivated...Nothing will ever provoke you to giving up.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. Nigerians set too much goals at a time especially lagosians- that's my observation

    1. And they set unrealistic goals

  2. Most times, people set goals for themselves and then fold their hands without taking action to achieve a desired result. Thanks for the useful tips to help people actualise their set goals

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