Friday, 8 January 2016

Two Reasons Why Most People Could Not Find A Perfect Person For Marriage

As we got more exposed in life, the real definition to what love used to be has drastically changed. Real love is no longer the issue of  'I love you, talk your own', its a whole lot of complicated stories in recent. Compatibility is no longer about the look of your partner, and been romantic is no more a kiss on the forehead, giving flower as gift, or playing an old blues to show love.

Love is now very complicated, and I think it has gotten to a stage where anybody could not had predicted it would so soon. I wonder if you know that,  presently, for some guy to go into relationship with a lady. Such lady must be educated, a working class type, own her car, comfortable apartment, good looking and intelligent. Though all these are not new among the qualities most ladies search for in any man of their dream.

This on the both end is an indication that, we have over-complicated love by expecting too much. The worst part of this is pride. 'I'm highly smart individual, I can't settle with a fairly brained someone.''  Smart and intelligent people don't want to settle for less, so they proud and remain selective till things got out of hand.

Some highly placed independent people could not get themselves into a productive relationship because of  two reasons which are discussed below:

1) Smart And Independent People Do Find It Difficult To Accept People Who Are Not Like Them: Smart people belief's is that, they can only cope and enjoyed been together with someone who has similar intellectual capacity. They often find it difficult to believe, that everybody is not born with the same IQ.

It is natural that people who are so brilliant and highly independent do find it difficult to be with someone who is not as smart as themselves. Even if they try to manage someone, the person may not be able to cope due to the fact that, they can't keep hurting themselves in a relationship where their partners see them as dull and stupid. 

One of my economics lecturer in the University remain unmarried until he was above 49 years. He often complain of lack of intellectualism in most of the ladies he met in life. He was found of looking down on people, condemn their smartness and felt he has nothing to gain from them if he is to marry them.

He later got married when he realized the importance of tolerance and acceptance of others. He got to know the benefits of complimenting each other as we are not created equally. Though he had already wasted several years searching for a perfect person.  

Let bear in mind while searching for a  productive relationship, that there is not perfect being not even yourself. All we have is an understandable partners, if you understand them, you will see them as been perfect in all aspects. Therefore be ready to accept people who are different from you.

2) They Don't See Any Reason To Depend On Anyone: In an healthy relationship, no one is self-dependent and no one is useless. Unfortunate, most smart people think they can't rely on their partners without been disappointed. Therefore, they see no reason in placing reliance on others in any way. 

They grow up with the wrong assumption that, nobody can make them happy, as it is their sole responsibility. But they failed to realize that humans were made to depend on each other in many aspect of life. Adam was not alone, he was with someone. 

That was the first human being who was in the best position to live in isolation. But he never does. He was meant to live and tolerate someone else despite any possible differences. No matter how smart you find yourself to be, try as much as possible to accept and tolerate others. That is the only sure link to finding a healthy relationship.

I Hope This Helps?

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