Sunday, 31 January 2016

Unavoidable Pains And Sacrifice You Have To Make To Achieve Your Goals In Life

pains and sacrifice to pursue your passion
Waking up today was the toughest I've ever had. I thought I won't survive it. I woke up with the
waves of unimaginable pains all over my body. It broke down my strength and every vain in my body reacted too weak to ever be active again. 

My head aches hard,  my neck pains, my heart beats fast at an unnatural speed. The whole of my legs and arms were like a too heavy load of containers for a donkey to lift. Wanted to stand up from bed, but could not just help myself.

The Possible Cause...

Apart from the consistent stress am passing through in recent times. Yesterday, I was on a journey from from which I returned home at night around 8pm. I could not take a shower because the sun has already set and the weather was a bit cold.

I quickly on my computer, attended to some mails and later got to do some work on the internet, which extended my sleep to some minutes before 3am. I just forced myself to bed knowing fully well that I must wake up by 5am for prayer. 

Time counting down...and its 5am as usual.

Waking up becomes war because I only slept  for two hours out of 24 in a day. The pain I felt lasted for hours as I could not raise up my hands, legs or neck, without an external support...It got me thinking, if the last day was here.

If I were to blame myself, was I wronged to had traveled or what is wrong in pursuing my passion with all my strength? 

I refused to tell anyone, because just last night, my brother had already told me that not going to bed at the right time today could be a suicide attempt.

Was that really a suicide attempt? Was I...

Like A Friend Who Killed Himself For Not Achieving His Dream

If I may ask..

Please what makes it impossible for success to come without pain and sacrifice coming along? I just noticed, that you hardly observed a little flash of success that is painless... 

Is that what achievement is all about? 

I told you about a friend's suicide in my end of the year post. He was a friend studying medicine in the University, he informed his colleagues of his intention to kill himself if he could not pass his exam to become a medical doctor after working so hard for several years. 
''The only thing that can keep me alive is to be a doctor and no going back. I must be a medical doctor, because that's what I want and want to live for.'' He said.

The devilish news of his result came, and he finally fulfilled his promises...  suicide. I think, he had lost the will and courage to live again. He did this just for his passion.

What Goes on In The Minds Of Suiciders?

I hate hearing about suicides, I call termed them cowards, selfish and ungrateful fellows. Contrarily,  his death got me thinking, and I came to understand why someone will intentionally want to take his/her own life. 

In most cases, it’s not that they want to die. They can't just continue with the same situation. They can't get a way out, and all they want is for the pain to stop, the shame to go, the situation to change. Unfortunately, suicide seems like the only way out of the whole mess. 

Attempted suicide is not about willingness, its about critically looking at your situation and having no single way out. You can't bear the pains and you are too weak to help yourself. 

Most times that is what it takes to be a suicider... Then, he died with his passion for medicine.

The Reality About Taking Blogging For  Passion And Working Hard To Be Top Blogger

If care is not taking, this could be another suicide mission. Most of the bloggers I know are smart and are hardworking and talented. They believed in their abilities, its their believe that they can rock and shake the internet. 

They help people achieve their dreams, they expose people to life and they live their own lives to satisfy others. They want to satisfy me, you, their selves and others...But they have limit. You have time limit, knowledge limit and a lot of limited resources to satisfy everybody at once.

You’re smart and motivated and hard-working, so you figure you have everything it takes to build a popular blog.. but you are not watching your health. You don't monitor you sleep, you don't give attention to those intimate family and friends who really needed you.

That is the sacrifice and pains for pursuing your passion without looking back...I'm just a victim. 

I need to go back to sleep right now.

Hmmmm I Hop This Helps?


  1. I hope u are feeling better now. Blogging has its challenges, in fact nothing in life comes easy.

    May God bless ur efforts.

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  2. /in fact, any dedicated blogger will definitely lose some sleep. It's an indisputable fact

    Alabekee's Blog

  3. i am so guilty of this,i planned to work it out this year,whatever i do i must stop blogging latest 12 or 11.i cant come and kill myself biko


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