Thursday, 14 January 2016

Who Is Wife Material And How Do I Recognize Them?

how to recognise a wife material
Life is so funny...that even the most irresponsible man is searching for a responsible woman to marry. A responsible woman, home making, hardworking, decent, caring and loving is what every man wishes for. This is the major reason why, despite the huge numbers of beautiful queens in the cities, clubs, and offices guys still go to their village to bring local girls for marriage. The key word they are searching for in every woman is 'Wife material'.

Then you might want to ask me who is a wife material? The answer to this, to some men is simple. Its a woman who is trustworthy, home making, responsible, decent, caring and loving. With these attribute in a woman, you won't regret getting married. Some men could go all round the world to search for this woman. They don't mind going spiritual just to be blessed with a wonderful wife material.

Unfortunately, while we are busy searching round the world for one, we've dated many of them as Ex-girlfriends because we refused to take note of the special features in them before we called it quit. Here are a list of 3 things that you will observe in a woman who is a wife material to you when you meet them.

1) She Is Always Free To Tell You The Truth: One of the very first thing you will experience with this woman is that, she won't hide anything from you. She appreciates and encourages you when you are right and can look into your face and tell you how wrong you her any time you misbehaved.

She gives priority to communication and she is not the type that hide anything in her mind. You will enjoy talking to her, because she is always with nice ideas and opinions to find ways out to problems with you.

2) They Turns To Your Adviser Naturally: Do you ever had a girlfriend who you always consult when it comes to things about your future?  You can't take up a new job, or do anything without taking to them. This is because, you honestly respect and value her opinion. With time, she became a part of your life, and already into the plan about your future - because you planned it together.

This kind of women can be a good wife material and you depend on them physically and emotionally because you actually trust them.
3) They Understand You As An Imperfect Person: They love and want you as much as you wanted them. They understand you are imperfect and no one is. Such woman will never expect you to be hundred percent good. She loves you naturally for you flaws. 

No matter the problem you might be going though at any time, she have her ways of encouraging you to move on and try hard. She is just always there for you, and never demand for what you are incapable of providing for her.

These are just the few attributes to recognize a wife material and you must do all things possible to get married to them as soon as possible if you have one. If you have them as an ex. don't hesitate to bring them back into your life, because they are the real loving, caring woman you are searching for.

Have you found your own wife material or you once had one as ex?


  1. Funniest most guys see this wife material as desperado and they end up dumping the real for mosquito legs.

    Guys shine your eyes

    1. Yes oooo I agree

      That's why the good ladies remain single while they see their ill mannered friends married. Well, the man must have seen something different in them sha that will make him decide to spend the rest of his life with her while others might end up with regrets

  2. My wife and I have had a far more different relationship than any you might have encountered. For decades, we both had sex with other people, and for two years we were even in a group marriage with another woman. Now that I’m 66 and take a lot of medications, the interest in all of that is so far gone that I had rather spend time playing with my cats than having sex with a woman. Peggy feels the same, she has men friends and women friends, but doesn’t have sex with them.

  3. P.S. If I may be so bold, my friend, your title is confusing: "Who Is A Wife Material" might better be worded without the letter "A".

  4. Thanks for the observation.

    Your relationship is really a very different and unique one to all I've ever see. Don't think I've heard of such wedding arrangement all my life.

    Still learning from your decades of experience in life. How are you doing?

  5. What if we're befriending those gf with wife material, and we love them too BUT some things just make marriage not yet ripe enough for both of us.
    Most ladies would leave and go marry someone else cos of time


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