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3 Ways To Prioritize Your Goals In Order Not To Regret In Life When You Grow Old

How to avoid regret in life
"its too late''.... he answered.  They both smile and he continue.."I don't even know how I've spent my life to this point...though am not regretting it, but its definitely not a life worthy of celebration. I don't wish my children end up this way." 

''Passage of time, is the most dangerous threat to human's existence''...says the second man.

Yesterday, I was at the local government secretariat to enroll myself for the National Identity Card. Two old men were seated behind me and were comparing their old national I.D Card's passports with their present looks in reality. 

The old National I.D card has been issued over eleven years ago, so the both men were appreciating their looks in those pictures compared to now when they cannot even stand upright at again. The strength, handsomeness, passion to live, morale and youthfulness are all missing in their looks. I think they both struggled with poverty till old age...' judging from their looks'. 

My Fear About Regret In Life

To be sincere with you, their discussion got me thinking. I imagined if they were ever young like me. Imagine if their already shrink skins had ever been smooth before, and find it difficult to believe that their bent backs had ever been straighten in the past like mine.

If this is what passage of time would turn us to in the nearest future, just as the second man claimed. I think we should all fear waking up one day in the future and regretting how we've spent our lives. 
I believed these two old men were once with dreams and passion they wanted to achieve in life. As time passes by they got caught up in the day to day troubles and somehow they just don’t seem to have enough time and resources to get all of those goals achieved. 

They are regretting today, as its now certain that they can no longer pursue such goals. They strength, desire and the time to do that are no longer available.

Reasons Why You Need To Prioritize Your Goals Before You Missed The Golden Opportunity Of Life

In this blog, I've written a lot of articles on why you need to set some achievable goals. How to set them and how to get them achieved. Most of these posts had forced some of our readers to set some realizable goals for themselves. Some short time while some are on long term basis.

In order not to regret in life, you need to prioritize those goals. This is necessary because, as time passes by you may be caught up in the day to day troubles and somehow you just don’t seem to have enough time and resources in your care.  

How To Prioritize Your Goals In Order Not To Regret
Let assumed you've already set the goals you want to achieve. Now be focused on your vision and think about what you want to be like in the next ten years. That's a long term goal right? Ok! 

1) Set A Long Term Goal For Yourself: This comes first because, that is the output you wanted to be at the end of the day. For instance, its your dream to become a writer when you grow old. This means growing up to become something different from a writer will lead to regret.

You want to grown up looking healthy and smart. That means you will not like growing up to look obese and unhealthy. Both of these are long term goals that you cannot achieve in a day. It has to do with a gradual process to produce a satisfactory result in the nearest future.

2) Set Short Term Goals: You might become busy with something else with time, so you need to set some short term goals in a direction that will probably give you focus on your long term goals. With your short term goals, try to highlight in detail skills and characteristics that will help you achieve you long term goal on a daily basis, gradually.

For instance, to achieve your writer's dream...In your short term goals, you must include the number of books you need to read in a week, and the number of article to write in the same period.

For your health plans, you must outline the daily fitness and kind of food you must accustomed yourself with in order to grow healthier and smart.

In short, just make sure all your short time goals are set to aid in achieving your long term goals. With this, you will have no regret.

3) Monitor Your Progress: This is what most people don't do. Forgetting that everyone must do it  if they want to reach their goals and have no regrets. It is necessary you find some way to track your progress on all of your short term goals. Monitor how you are moving with them, in the long run, they would be the one that resulted to achieving your long term go.

I Pray We Won't Have Our Life To Blame In The Future.


  1. Do you know i have been pondering on this for a while now. I sure need to set a long term goal for myself cos time wasted can never be gotten back. Thanks for sharing

  2. nice. thanks for sharing

  3. It's always very important to set long-term goals because nobody knows what the future holds. Nice article bro.

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