Monday, 1 February 2016

Are People Really Making Money On The Internet & What Are The Misconceptions About It?

Is online money making real?
Online Money Making! I heard its the easiest. 

In fact, its not as difficult as fetching money from the well in someone's backyard. Moreover everyone who claim they are earning money, really does. I can start it without any investment, less stressful and it pays like oil and gas company...hmmmm interesting.

Then what am I waiting for? Let me just go into it, and become rich overnight like others...These are nature of  thinking that occupy our minds the moment after...

Either a friend, a colleague, family member or an online marketer tells or shows us how he makes money on the internet.

Is It True/Real That We Can Actually Make Money Online?
You only go online to check your social media update, upload/check pictures, chat, research and nothing more. Now it sounds so  ridiculous when you hear about people making tons of dollars from it while you keep paying huge amount to gain internet access just to check pictures.

Its got you thinking? Is this real? True at all? Ok...wait.

Internet is one of the biggest industry in the whole world today. Over years, it has succeeded in expending itself in a geometric rate that anyone could ever imagined. Unlike before, we do almost everything online today. Very few guys had quickly grasp this opportunity to enrich themselves through their talents, initiatives and creative minds.

I said...talents, initiatives and creative minds what if you don't have any of this? does it mean the internet is not for you to earn a living? Let me include efforts. Effort pays too.

These are the four factors you need to possess before you run online to earn money. But unfortunately, few people would tell you this. That's the major reason the whole misconceptions about online money making is on the increase everywhere you go.

With this post, I will tell and help you clear the two basic misconceptions you have about online money making before you go into it. 

1) They Said You Can Start Earning Money Online Without Investment: Do you believe this? If 'Yes.' How? Atleast you need gadgets (such as phones and laptops), internet access and time to do anything online. How do you go about it? Where will you get them for free?

To be sincere, irrespective of whatever means you choose to earn your money online, you will definitely need to invest one of two things. In short your time or money. You need money and time to remain constant online. 

All you need to prosper is knowledge, you will need money to buy E-books, attend seminars and keep searching for knowledge on how to transform your talents into money making tool. Please don't be deceived that you won't need to invest. No matter how little, you must.

2) Create A Blog And Money Will Start Flowing In: Its a serious misconception. Very few bloggers earn money with their blogs...facts! What makes you thought it was true is because the internet is a dark place where anyone can say or forge anything to make you believe in him.

There are lot of passionate bloggers, who just feel like expressing themselves through their blogs. They don't feel like earning, and they are not. In the same vain, some people blog for money and yet could not earn a dine, and later got frustrated out of the realm.

Let me tell you in a simple language, not every blogger earns money with his/her blog. Though some do, and online money is real. 
As My Good Friend Do Tell Me When I Started My Blog

Just don’t be so desperate to make money online that you will ignore the suggestions of common sense. When your senses perceived issues to be too good to be real, research on it, find out more, learn from real people, if not so, you will spend all your money buying E-books on how to make money and yet, you won't earn kobo.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. True talk Uthman. A lot of people believe that you just start earning money the moment you start blogging, they forget that Rome was not built in a day

    Alabekee's Blog

  2. people are making money online its all about persistent and hardwork.

  3. Agreed that not every blogger earns from their blog but yes people make money online if you know the tricks involved.

  4. So true. Many people believed that blogs makes money flow in like water, Linda ikejis declaration of asset didnot help matters too as many Nigerians now believe blogs is a tree growing money but that's a great misconception. People make money online only if you know the trick just like Gloria said.

    Mily's blog

  5. Rome is not built in a day, with time we will make money


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