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Four Relationship Rules You Must Know Before Going Into Any Relationship

Relationship Rules You Must Know Before Going Into Any Relationship
The best thing about relationship is to get it right at once. Getting it right at  at a start will save you from everlasting regret in future. Failure to do that, is the key to frustration. Sometimes, when you look back at what you have gone through for making a wrong choice, you will wished you had never spent a minute of your life with your Ex. When you take time and reflect back over your past relationships, you will only wish you had known better.

On the contrary, if you were a little been impatient in your previous relationships, there is a high tendency that you will one day, seat quietly and wished you had given one more chance to the first love of your life. They hurt you and they were wronged for letting you down. But you were more wrong for letting them go even when you would have given them a second chance. 

Now that you are married and its two years into you marriage. After the whole experiences, you wished you had chosen your Ex. instead of your hobby. You wished you shouldn't have said 'I Do'...So many guilt and regrets, come straight down to your heart and all you wished was to had known the rule too well to avoid such mistakes.

That is what it takes to play the game without understanding the rules...

That is all it takes to attempt am exam without reading the instruction.

No two way about it, it will always end with..'I wished'....I wished I had learnt the rules, I wished I had read the instructions and I wished I had this, I wished I had that.

Below Are Few Of The Things I Wished I Had Known Before Going Into Any Relationship

1) I Wished I Had Known Some People Are Not Meant To Be In My Life: I often feel this way, have you ever? You fell in love with someone, enjoyed the company but the relationship could not just pass through the test of time. No matter how hard both of you tried, things wouldn't just work out.

I wished you knew this on time, because even if you don’t give up and keep on trying, things may not get better and the relationship will eventually end. You will always get frustrated, if you continue to keep them.

2) I Wish I Had Never Begged or Love: I once begged for love, though it never worked out. We dated for like few days and everyone went his/her own ways. The reality is that, if you are begging for love there is something very wrong with your relationship. The worst mistake you could ever made is begging for love.

3) I Wished I Had Never Expect Too High From People: In my first relationship, I thought everything would always work out. I never knew some people are more about words than actions. 
I never knew not everyone really mean what they said. They don't see anything special in fulfilling their promises. 

Be very careful if you get in a relationship with them. They will mostly fall short of what they say and the frustrating bit is that they themselves have no clue why. So if you decide to get in a relationship with such a person, keep your expectations low, lower than what they promise, always. Or else, the only thing you will get out of this relationship is a heartbreak.

4)  I Wished I Had Known Not To Give Second Chance To Her: When I was in the University, I had this lover, she can't just stop asking for second chance in everything. Please, kindly give me the second chance for this and second chance or that. I wished I had never wasted much time given her those chances.
She gave me the impression that most people don’t have the potential to change or they just don’t want to change. Some people are just so used to doing the wrong thing that they just can’t stop being that person no matter how much it hurts someone else. It is very important that, before you give second chance t someone, make sure they are already a changed person. Otherwise, you will always have the course to blame yourself.
I Hope This Helps?


  1. it sure does.....nice one and Tnx for sharing... hopefully a few will leanr from this...

  2. so true
    but some girls are wicked and stupid

  3. O yes it sure will help especially those still in the process of finding true love.

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