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How To Apply And Win The NYSC CBN Venture Business Plan Competition

How To Apply And Win The NYSC CBN Venture Business Plan Competition
As a serving corps member in any of the States of the federation, do you know you can win free money from CBN ranging from N200,00 to N100,000?  Are you also aware that if gotten to the National level you stand a chance of winning an award with a cash prize of N1m to N500k? Do you know how to apply for any of these NYSC's awards and competitions and do you ever considered giving it a trial? May I ask you if you know what it takes to win any of these prizes? 

If you are serving corps member and want to participate, this information is for you. Just like the saying, if you are not informed, you would be deformed... Let me just try breaking this down gradually and further tell you how to apply for any of your choice.

What Is NYSC - CBN Venture Business Plan Competition/Award?
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduces an annual venture prize competition among serving corps members in 2007/2008 to fulfill and express its commitment to the principle of corporate social responsibility. This is aimed at reducing dependent and the continuous searching for white collar jobs by Nigerian graduates after their service years. In short, let me say, this wonderful initiative is designed to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit of youth corps members during their service year.

The NYSC-CBN venture awards is a competition for participating corps members to write a business plan and compete both at State and National level. This most interested part of this competition is that, it is run per batch in all the States of the Federal. It is better to participate as early as possible, though every serving
corps member have the grace up to the passing out day to submit his/her proposal.

Then How Do I Apply And Participate In The NYSC-CBN Business Competition?
Participating in this competition is one of the most easiest things to do during your service year. It takes you nothing much to win, if the proper thing is done at an appropriate time. If you are a current serving corps member who attended most of the programes in the NYSC orientation camp, you must have heard of this competition.

The camp officials with invited CBN staff used to bring it to corps member's notice, though only a few wise one pay attention to it and act. All it takes to apply and win this competition is to: 

think about a business you can do
get a professional business plan for it, and
submit it to the CBN's office in your State of deployment through your local government Inspector (LGI).

Make sure you business plan carries all your information and contacts. All the business plans submitted by interested corps members would be shortlisted and be subjected to proper scrutiny by some independent officials members of CBN and three luck winners would be contacted in each State. 

The best among the three winners in any State would be nominated for a National competition in which you can as well be the winner in that category. 

What Is The NYSC-CBN Competition Prizes?
Remember, i just told you the competition is in two stages, State and National. For you to participate in the National, you must have be a winner in your State of service and nominated by the State CBN for the National award. The prizes are known to us and in case you don't know it, see below:

State Award for CBN-NYSC Competition
You can win any of the below prizes, depends on your position.
1st Prize:  N= 200, 000
2nd Prize: N= 150, 000
3rd Prize: N= 100, 000

National Award
1st Prize:  N= 1 MILLION
2nd Prize: N= 750,000
3rd Prize: N= 500,000

Another interested thing about this is that, winners are in addition to the above monetary prizes would be given certificate of merit and would be linked to commercial banks to sponsor their projects in their business plans.  

What is more good that choping this free money? would you try to give it a trial? If yes kindly follow the procedures above and in case you win...Please tell me to send my account number.

If you need a professional business plan to win an award or to start up a new business, don't hesitate to consult me for that. i can help you, just with a little financial charges.

I hope this helps?


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