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NYSC Exemption And Exclusion With Their Sample Certificates/Letter

Discharged Certificate
NYSC as a scheme has three forms of certificates it issue. In one way or the other, as a graduate from any higher institution of learning either at home or abroad, you are qualified for one of these national certificates. Though, this might not be known to many because of the fact that, the most popular one is the discharged certificate which is always issued at the end of the one year compulsory service year to corps members.

The two other certificates are certificate of exemption and Letter of exclusion. Since the requirements for any graduate to be awarded the NYSC discharged certificate is known to everyone, I will only talk about the other two classes of certificates.

What Is NYSC Exemption Certificate all about and who is entitled to it?

An exemption certificate is issued to someone who by law could not participate in the NYSC scheme despite the fact that such person attended a regular program in a University or Polytechnic program and graduated. I said 'by law' which is from the below paragraph. 

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''In accordance with the National Youth Service Corps Decree 1993 section 2 subsection (1) it is stipulated that;

"With effect from 1st August, 1985, a person shall NOT be called upon to serve in the service corps if, at the date of graduation or obtaining his diploma or other professional qualification" :
  • He is over the age of thirty (30) years
  • He has served in the Armed Forces of the Federation or the Nigeria Police Force for a period of more than nine months; or
  • He is a member of staff of any of the following:

    • The Nigerian Security Organization or
    • The State Security Service, or
    • The National Intelligence Agency or
    • The Defence Intelligence Service
  • He has been conferred with any National Honour.

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These categories of persons are therefore exempted from service and issued with the Certificates of Exemption.''

What Are The Procedures To Get NYSC Exemption Certificate?

With the newly introduced online enrollment for prospective corps members, it has now becomes so easy for an excepted graduate too. All you just need to do is to get yourself registered as appropriate between the stipulated time. Pay whatever may be the registration fees like others and supply the necessary information. 

At the end of the registration, instead of you to be given a called up number, a message would be sent to you that you've been excepted to participate from the scheme that your certificate of exception would be sent to your school in a particular time. That means certificate of exception is to be given to you in your school of graduation.

Foreign students who are exempted would collect their exemption certificates in the NYSC directorate headquarters at the stipulated time communicated. Click to Red: Step By Step Guide On How To Get Your Exemption Certificate For Both Foreign And Nigerian Graduate

Sample OF NYSC Exemption Certificate

I never knew people could be so worried about the looks and contents of the NYSC exemption certificate until my friend applied for it. Some candidates really want to know what and what are written on the certificate in terms of their personal details.

sample pictures of nysc exemption certificate
Sample of nysc exemption certificate

As you can see, nothing really much on it other than: 
Candidate's name 
Exemption number
Reason for exemption.

Note: That if your exception is due to age, that means your real date of birth would be stated on the certificate for clarity. Therefore, any candidate with this kind of reasons might not be able to change their date of birth for any official purpose again. Must Read: 3 Simple Ways To Make Your Facebook Relationship Work Out

What Is NYSC Letter Of Exclusion?
Letter of exclusion is given to the third categories of candidates. Candidates who are always entitled to NYSC certificate of exclusion are people who are graduates but could not attend the regular programs in school. E.g Graduate from part time programmes, Sandwich, Long distance learning and so many other forms of irregular programs.

Sample Of NYSC Letter Of Exclusion

In case you want to know what the contents are and looks of the letter see it below:

sample pictures of nysc exclusion letter
Sample of NYSC Exclusion Letter
Content of exclusion letter:
Just like others nothing much on this letter than your name, picture, school, course of study and the reason for been excluded. Read About: My NYSC Orientation Camp Experience

In my next article about NYSC, I will discuss where you can collect your exemption letter either as a foreign graduate or Nigerian graduate. I will also discuss the nature of work you can use your exemption certificate to do. Is it acceptable or not, am gonna write on it.

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  5. Thanks for sharing, how do I apply for it, I was a foreign student and graduated when i was over 30yrs?

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  10. Please , I have already apply for the exemption certificate letter as a foreign graduate noe in Nigeria looking for job, please I to know when it will be ready and how to get it ..

  11. Please , I have already apply for the exemption certificate letter as a foreign graduate noe in Nigeria looking for job, please I to know when it will be ready and how to get it ..


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