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Review Of A Popular Nigerian Stella Dimoko Korkus Blog

stella's blog
Before I go into the blog review, let me first of all say, kudos to all the Nigerian popular bloggers who made it possible for youths to believe they can got things done on the internet without been a fraudster. Taking such a huge risk of forfeiting their daily jobs, to start blogging is also worthy of celebration. 

Now, blogging does not only serves as a source of income to you, but also as a source of inspiration for most Nigerians youths who are now walking on your toes. Finally, blogging has turned a lucrative industry that every Nigerian youth wants to jump into.

A Single Tree Cannot Make A Forest

A blogger like a tree, you can't exist in a vacuum. For you to develop, become more popular, and do the right things on your blog, you have to relate with other influential bloggers especially those who are in the same niche with you. Create a personal relationship with them and this will announce your presence to the world.

Among the wonderful Popular Nigerian blogs I respect, love and visit on a daily basis is Stella Dimoko Korkus Blog. So today, its my pleasure to introduce you to her wonderful blog and what she does on it on. She runs a lot of interesting post series you would never regret checking on.

Stella Dimoko Korkus Blog Review

This blog is built around interesting entertainment news, gossip, event, inspiration, lifestyle and fashion. Below are the details of what you can see on her blog on a daily.
1) Chronicle  Of A Blog Visitor: Let me say, this is what actually attracted me to the blog. Chronicle is a platform through which one or two blog visitors share their emotional worries, and seek advice from fellow readers. It comes up everyday. Very interesting check it out here Chronicle Of A Blog Visitor

2) In House News: This is a daily news from blog visitors. Its a medium through which readers share concerns, offer giveaway, seek for assistance and promote various businesses for free. Though this, is at the mercy of the blog admin. See it yourself through this link In House News.

3) Headlines News Today: This comes early morning on a daily basis and it carries the news headlines of all the major news papers in Nigeria. Grasp your copy here News Headlines.

4) Birthdays Wishes To Blog Visitors: Here, the blog visitor who is celebrating his/her day get in touch with the blog admin to be shared in order for other readers to wish them well. See the sample where I was celebrated on my birthday here Happy Birthday To Saheed.

5) Single Mingles: Are you a single guy or lady searching for a perfect match? Check here to meet a lot of them.

6) Educative Entertainment And Inspiration: This is usually a picture post. You get a lot of wonderful entertaining and educative pictures that speaks a whole lot about happenings around the world. Check it out here

7) Doctor In House Section: This comes up when a blog visitor have health challenges and felt like sharing it to seek medical advice from other blog visitors. Check it here.

8) Saturday In House Gist: This is always comes up on every Saturday of the week. Blog visitors go into competition by sharing funny stories that happened to them in the past. The funniest story teller stands a chance of winning 5k. Check it Out Here.

9) Exchange Rate Today: This comes up on a timely basis when the need arises, most especially when there is a significant change in exchange rate on Nigeria currency. Check it here.

10) Time To Rant: This provide opportunity for blog readers to speak out what bothers their minds for other members to read and advice . You can see the previous ones here.

Among them are timely news updates, breaking news, gossips and lot more.  The admin who is the owner of the blog is Stella Dimoko Korkus.


  1. She is a unique blogger I respect her so much I love the way she reports her news, well I am not surprise cos she is a journalist.
    She is actually one of those i get inspiration from.
    Longline SDk .

  2. Yeah i absolutely love her blog. She is doing a very good job.

  3. I like her blog too

  4. Enter your comment...

    she is a nice blogger

    but sometimes take sides publicly which is wrong as a journalist

  5. SDK blog is one in town. I've been following her blog for more than 4 years now. She'es unique and good at what she does

    Alabekee's Blog

  6. SDK nah you biko...
    Really put generation is blessed. Beyond blogging photography is now celebrated. Online marketing is juicy. Being an illustrator sefgenerates a lot of income these days.

    Thanks for checking me out Uthman.


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