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Should I Tell My Husband/wife My Salary And Why Do People Hide Theirs?

why people hide their salary to their husband and wife
Marriage is an important union between two people who by virtue of trust said I do to each other with so many promises. Among such promises was to be honest to in whatsoever circumstances. Though, in recent times, everything has changed and so many things has also changed about relationships and marriages.

Undoubtedly, marriage still remains so important and for it to be successful, spouses must be compatible, trustworthy, respect each other with a mutual understanding. In order to maintain a perfect relationship in any marriage, both spouses must learn to do away with lies and keeping unnecessary secrets in their marriage.

My Personal Marital Plan
I believed marriage is all about full disclosure. You are assumed to be in a relationship with the closest person to you on earth, and there is no need to hide anything from him/her talk more of our your earnings.

I am a personal finance enthusiasts who strongly believe in complete financial transparency. As an accountant, part of the preparation plans for my wedding would be financial plan. This will give us the opportunity to both sit down with sheets of papers, pens and calculators to talk about money and discuss our income, debt, investment, and financial obligations.

I believed we both have nothing to hide about our net worth since we've agreed to spend the rest of our lives together. Would you do the same?

Reasons Why People Hide Their Earnings From Their Partners 

1) You Would Have To Account For Every One Naira Spent: One of the reasons why people don't tell their salary to their partner is because of the possibility of been held responsible to account for all the money spent so far. If your partner is not the type that understands this logic, you might be faced with so many challenges along the line.

Have seen several women helping their husband to account for money spent. Saying something like... you earn 'X' naira, so what did you do with all the money? What did you buy? Agreed, you paid children's school fees and bought food stuff of so so amount and with that you must still have 'Y' where is the money.

As a man under this condition, it means you wife has started monitoring your expenses and you may loose your freedom to do what please you with your earning. This means you've sacrificed your financial freedom. This can also happen to a woman.
2) People Hide Their Salary For their Spouses Because They Don't Trust Them: Some partners hide their salaries because financially they don't seem to trust their spouses. Ordinarily, there is no need to hide your earnings. People hide when they feel their spouse will take advantage of it.
Some women may take advantage of that and mismanaged the resources at home or frequently demand. While some men can take advantage of their wife's earning and turn irresponsible. Leaving all the responsibilities as a burden for the woman to bear alone and vice versa.
3) Some Partners Are Irresponsible: Another reason why a man or wife will decide not to disclose their earnings is when they are trying to shy away from responsibilities. Some spouses earn high but don't just want to be financially committed to family. Much of such persons would prefer to spend much on their personal investment than joint.  

Reasons Why You Have To Tell Your Husband/wife Your Salary
Telling your spouse the details of your earnings didn’t mean you should hurriedly swapped your ATM pins and ran to get a joint bank account. Instead, it would provide a foundation in which you could both sit down and discuss how to be financially prudent. So here are two reasons:

1) You Become More Transparent: One of the benefits of disclosing your salary and total earnings is that, it makes you become completely financially transparent in the family. Your partners knows what you earn and understand how you spent it. Trust is guaranteed in this kind of situation. 

2)  It Makes Your Partner To Help You Financially: I once had a neighbor who would never help her husband to fulfill any financial obligation no matter how broke he becomes. She was a business woman who had no idea of what her husband earns from work. So she always believed he has money, no matter how bad things has gone for this man.

I believed if the women were aware of how low the man earn, she would have help in a number of ways. She had a wrong impression that the man earns high, while he was not.

Since telling your partner your earning is a personal thing, I believed after comparing the two arguments you will definitely take a side.

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So Whats Your Take On This?


  1. The above-listed reasons why some people don't disclose their salary to their spouse are all correct. But I so much believe in TRUST in relationship as long as LOVE still exists. There's no big deal in letting your partner know how much you earn.

    Alabekee's Blog

    1. Yeah... Trust is everything. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Am still single but may disclose when i get married based on the reasons stated above

    1. Am happy it would be helpful to take decision.

  3. It all depends on what works for the couple.

    Mily's blog

  4. I personally would like to disclose to my future partner so we could work things out.
    Afterall two heads are better than one. Isnt it?

  5. Funniest hubby do tell me about his salary but I hardly tell him about mine tho I will later disclose, cos I don't collect salary, my money is pay as you go. especially for legal services rendered

  6. whe you are married... no need for secrets again...


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