Thursday, 4 February 2016

The First Ever Rule Book For Every Relationship To Be Successful

How to keep a successful relationship
More than one million copies had already been sold in the first day...and yet more order are still coming in both from online and conventional buyers all over the world. There is a continuous hike in price of the book in every one hour and yet what matters to everyone is the book not the price.

So many are willing to pay any amount in as much as they will get this life changing book as soon as possible. Could this trend continue like this for the first week,  I doubt if this would not be the most ever patronized book in the world. Or what do you think?

How I Wished Such A Master Relationship Book Exist

Smiling...this book was written and  published in my imagination and all the first batch was sold out while I was still lost in thought.

This morning, I was reading a romance novel and the writer got me to imagine if only great writers can come up with a universally acceptable relationship rule book, life would have been much easier and happier for everyone.

At one point in life, we all have to experience the unpleasant side of relationship. This period, we just feel like getting a magical tools to solve the problem without going through those pains alone. We feel like having a proven rules to dictate to us what next step should be taking.

The availability of this kind of book would not only solve prospective relationship issues, render marital advice but also predict what an outcome of a relationship problem would be.

How People Become Relationship Experts

In several occasions, I've been forced to answer questions asking how I became so confident and experienced about relationship issues to this extent. What most of the people who constantly ask me this question failed to acknowledge is that...

Most of the people who give useful relationship tips, either in form of an E-book, conselling or through their blogs, became experts as a result of their long term experiences in various relationships. Personally, I've been faced with so many relationship issues and have learned some amazing lessons which I would not have learnt supposed they don't happened to me, or someone very close to me.

Here Are Few Tips On How To Have A wonderful Relationship Life

1) Improve Your Communication: The first criteria for strengthening your relationship with someone is your ability to have an effective communication. For you to work things out effectively, communication is so important. Most relationships experience disaster because of lack of involvement and communication which increases distance.

You don't have to allow communication gap in your relationship. Try to always get in touch, doing this have a great way of influencing your relationship positively.

2) Resolve All Problems With Your Partners Immediately: You don't have to delay in resolving conflicts between you two. Don't keep malice, demand for explanation and don't tell  the third party. Talk over issues and move on. The most important thing in a strong relationship, is not the ability to avoid conflict. Its the ability to express yourself, without fear of intimidation and settle your misunderstanding.

3) Maintain Your Friendship With Your Friends: You don't just dump every other person because you are in a relationship. Keeping outside relationships and interests alive is very important.

No one person can meet all of our needs, and expecting too much from someone can put a lot of unhealthy pressure on a relationship. Having friends and outside interests not only strengthens your social network, but brings new insights and stimulation to your relationship as well.


  1. Is their any rule book for a relationship to be successful

    1. May be we can create one. Or what do you think?

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    uthman the love doctor

  3. Well said. On top of these list, all couple should know what works for them cos what works for one may not work for another due to our individual differences.

    I love this post Uthman..keep it up

    Mily's blog .

    1. Yeah...what works for them is the key...thanks for the contribution.

  4. hmmmm, publish that book from your imagination now. How are u doing?


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