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Two Reasons Why First Love Is Not Real And Could Never Last

why first love never last
"Sighs.. dear why are you silent? we just need to talk about it today...its now almost three months that we've being avoiding each other for this discussion not to take place. Sincerely, we can't run away from our feelings...You are hurting me" Says the The Lover boy.

Hmmm... I'm sorry for the ways I hurt you. I just lack the courage to say out the words, because they are now weighed on my tongue for three months. I've being quietly waiting for the day to hear them from you but the day is not forthcoming." She replied.

...and she continues "Honestly, me falling in love with you was one of the easiest things I've ever done in my life. I've never regretted it and I will always be glad for having you. You are such a wonderful kind of guy that I didn't believed are existence. Until you came into my life."

Lover boy replied "Thank you for loving me and I love you much more. Please tell me the fate of this relationship."

"I know you might not believe me, but every part of me wanted you. I adored you, you are calm, caring, handsome, loving and gentle. No one had ever been so kind to me like you did. I appreciate you for letting me experienced what first love is all about. Its had been a wonderful experience with you." She said.

"I don't mean to hurt you, but I just noticed that, I have no more strength to keep hiding the truth from you. Am not here to hurt you, but I think its high time we both withdraw the love we once had for each other. Personally, I've done that already, and I suggest you needed to do the same. I'm so sorry if this will hurt you." She finally expressed herself.

Lover boy...Trying to withdraw tears from falling off his swollen eyeball, and he asked "Do you mean we should break up?"

" I think so." She replied. Thanks for giving me company when I needed someone to be around. Thanks for trying to bring back this relationship to order, but I think we've grown in different paths."

She rubbed his shoulder, and walked away. 

reason why my boyfriend runs away

Most first love ended this way...Some times the lady pull out just like what I described above. In another time the guys pull out. In whatever way, first love must end. My ended some years back and I was meant to live with the reality.

Today, live continue...I never die and am still with someone more wonderful.

Three Reasons Why First Love Will Never Last

I have my reason, and I respect whatever reason you have in contrary to this, as long as its logical and practicable. Most young lovers don't like hearing this because its difficult to believe that a relationship looking so incredibly perfect could one day come to an end like that. But its real..talking from experience.

Below are reasons why first love rarely last long:

1) We Are Inexperienced And Clueless: Most of us went into our first love at a time when we knew little to nothing about love and relationship. We were just in, but only few of us knew what we were in for. was it for love, company, or marriage? We couldn't say.
At that point in time, we knew only little about what a relationship entails, how the other person fits into our life, how they make us feel, our responsibilities and their responsibilities to keep the union. We were such a complete clueless individual. When we become a little experienced, no doubt we will surely walk out of such an affair.

2) We Gradually Grow Apart: We are growing older, been brought up with different ideologies in different environment, meeting new different people along the way. We are now matured and what use to incite us, no more adds any value to our lives. The romance fizzles out gradually and all we are left with is the uncomfortable silence. 

We are no longer that inexperienced teenager who knew nothing about life and relationships. We find out that our partners have grown up into someone we never thought they would. This alone kills first love than every other things. I mean the compatibility turns zero.

These two factors contributed in a number of ways to must of the first love that could not strive to see the light of the day.

How About Your First Love? Still Together?


  1. I totally agree with the two points you enumerated above. It's rare for first love to last, very very.

  2. Enter your comment...b

    I agree jhoor

  3. U are right Uthman, I agree with u. It's only one out of 200 that survives. It's better described as first infatuation not love.

    Mily's blog

  4. No #2 is the major reason why. First love is very hard to maintain esp if the parties fell in love at an early age


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