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What Are The Procedures To Adopt A Child In Nigeria?

 What To Do When You Want To Adopt A Child In Nigeria
The official adoption of child is not a very common thing in Africa compared to the Western counterparts. The most common practices here is family to family transfer of children to maintain a Guardian/ward relationship. Its not new to see a child living with his uncle, aunt or any other family members and some even go out of family bond to maintain this relationship in Nigeria.

When we were a bit young, there was this rich educated family that adopted a child from a motherless babies home. Despite the fair treatments the boy received from his adopters, the society refused to recognized him normal child like others. Some even used that to insult him whenever they feel like he was feeling big.

Adoption Still Strange To Us
Official adoption of child was a complete strange deal to me and so many then. I was meant to perceive such child as been bought for slavery or house help. We rather prefer to hear of the family to family transfers of children to adoption.
This traditional practices make it difficult for so many of us to understand the importance of official adoption of child and the process of getting it done when the need arises. With this post, I will discuss some of the patinent issues related to adoption of child in Nigeria.
What Is Adoption Of Child
This is very important to be answered before we go further to discuss the process. The word adoption simply means a legal process through which a person obtained the judicial authority to take the child of another person as his own while the parental rights and obligation are permanently transferred from the biological parents to the adopters.

Why Would I Want To Adopt Someone's Else Child?
There are many personal reasons for which an individual may want to adopt a child and take permanent possession of him/her. Some of these reasons could be:

i) Being childless for a very long time.
ii) Getting a companion for the only one child they have.
iii) To rescue an extremely abandoned child by his parents.
iv) To relieve parents who are unable to take care of their children.

So many other factors could actually necessitate an adoption. Whatever the situation could have to follow the laid down procedures to get it done.

What an adopter must also note is that, the process of adoption legally confers on the adopted child all the rights and benefits a biological child deserved from his/her parents from his adopters.

What Categories Of  People Can Adopt A Child In Nigeria
This is a serious question anybody would like to know. Can I adopt a child? Personally I may wished to adopt a child when I feel like having all the necessary resources to cater for such child. 

Unfortunately, the  position of law is slightly different from that as there are certain conditions someone who want to adopt must meet before going for adoption.

Then what are these conditions?

i) A couple who both of them have attained the age of twenty five years and both of them are willing to adopt.

ii)  A single person who has attained the age of 35 years, and the child to be adopted must be of the same sex with the single adopter.

You must also meet up with some other requirements which the officials will investigate in the process. Part of it is that, the adopter must be a resident of the same State with the child in question for a particular period of time.

In the case of international adoption from Nigeria...There are several international agencies to help you out to complete this process. The guiding rules is slightly different. This is just to protect the interest of all parties involved. 

What To Do When You Want To Adopt A Child In Nigeria
i) Submission of a letter of request to adopt a particular child to the permanent Secretary in the Ministry of social development of youths and sport in your State.

ii) You will be invited for an interview in the ministry

iii) After approval, you would be issued a letter of approval to go to any motherless babies home for an adoptable child.

iv) You might be asked to pay some fee and levies

v) You will go for counseling 

vi) Court approval would be given to you to be in possession of the child for a probational period of three months before the final approval.

What Are The Documents I Needed To Present To Adopt A Child In Nigeria
Since the whole process is legal, some valid documents would have to be presented in court for further verification. See Below the following necessary documents:
i) A writing application to adopt the child
ii) Marriage Certificates of the couple
iii) Their birth certificate or declaration of age
iv)Two passport of each
v) A medical certificate of the couple's fitness

And some other documents as may be required by the court. After the submission of this documents, a child development officer will investigate them to know the authenticity and confirm your application to the court. 

Your Responsibilities To The Child After Adoption
One of the reasons why people adopt is to be of help to an extremely abandoned child. So in this situation, there are are certain responsibilities you need to bear when you adopt a child.

i) The rights, duties, liabilities, maintenance, supervision, proper upkeep, education of the adopted child is now the responsibilities of the adopter. 
ii) Just like the biological parents, the right to consent the process of marriage for the child is in your possession.

Note: The maximum number of kids you can adopt is not more than two.

If you and I would consider the great impact of adoption in the life of a child and the general impact on the society, it is a thing worthy of giving a trial in order to give back to the community. Doing this by every qualified and responsible family would reduced the numbers of abandoned children on the street, who may grow up one day and create a social unrest.

* If you think adoption is not strange, how many adopted children do you know in your area? 


  1. Adoption in Naija sha? We don take care of our family members finish?people adopt tho but its rare

  2. I agree with you dear, if every Nigerian family would actually go for an adoption, it will reduce the number of abandoned children on the street, but the question is: "How many Nigerians can adequately cater for their immediate family talk more of lending a helping hand to someone else?

    Alabekee's Blog

    1. Yeah...a big question. But yet the few rich one can do it.

  3. the adoption process in nigeria is taskful and it requires legal expertse.i heard its evenb difficult oversea cos i had client who came all the way to do it in Nigeria

  4. Infact God bless you for this article. I was listened to an article on this topic a while ago on television. I discovered that Nigeriansdon't know anything about adoption and the process which many concluded that it's extremely difficult hence the rise of baby factories everywhere. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Like you stated, i support the fact that adoption is very strange here to most people in nigeria. I too do wonder how they go about the whole process(just curious about it)
    nice share here bro


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