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What Is The Good Age For Kids To Start Running Race And Lifting Weight As A Parent?

What Is The Good Age For Kids To Start Running Race And Lifting Weight As A Parent?
As usual, we went for our weekend training exercise in the stadium when we saw some little kids indulging in some rigorous exercises with the permission of their parents who took them to take part in a child exercise training and courses. They were involved in exercise such as running, lifting weight and some others that requires training equipment. 

One of my trainees asked for my view on this because she felt like coming with her 6years old boy next weekend while another person felt the training was too excessive for the kids. Honestly, what most people think about exercise, is seeing only adult working out in the gym, running on a treadmill, or lifting weights. 

So we often think that, as far as kids are concerned with exercise, it only means playing and being physically active. It should not be something special than the exercise they do while running round in school,  at dance class, playing ball, riding bikes, or others.

Whatever the forms of exercise is for kids, they stand the chance of having some benefits which make it very important for them to participate.  

Among such importance are:
     i) Have stronger muscles and bones
    ii) Have a leaner body because exercise helps control body fat
    iii) Be less likely to become overweight
    iv) Have a better outlook on life
    v) Exercise makes kids sleep better 

The first question now  is when is the appropriate age for kids to start running race?

This still largely depends on the child's interest. No child is actually needed to be forced to take part in any form of exercise rather than been encouraged. There are no specific developmental or physical risks posed by allowing a willing child to run.

Though such children may not be allowed to run or cover a long distance. Covering short distance is the best for kids who are still within the age of eight. From eight upward, any willing kid may be allow to run for a longer distance.

Then what is the good age for kids to start lifting weight in form of an exercise?
Personally, I can't remember lifting weight when I was young. That makes me perceived it, as an exercise meant for adult alone until recently. The general principle for kid exercise is that, strength training exercises with weights should not be undertaken by kids until they developed appropriate balance and posture control, which usually takes place around age 8 to 10 years.

So as a parents whose your kids have the desire to lift weights can take some steps when they attained this age should permit them. Before granting such permission, it is important to reach out to a pediatrician for advise. You must not also leave the kids to undergo this training alone but engaging a an educated weight lift trainers. This will ensure your the safety of your kids.

Child Exercise Warnings
Exercise it good when taken at the appropriate time appropriately. Despite the fact that it is safe and normal for children above a certain age to lift weights with proper supervision, it is very necessary that the weight trainers or the adult in charge ensure that the kids in questions are not over stressing themselves by going for a bigger lifts than their ages and abilities.

If children are left without proper monitoring, heavy weight listing could cause permanent damage to their muscles and tissues that are yet to be completely developed. This can cause distorted growth or physical deformity in future. Therefore, adequate supervision is very important when it comes to kids weight lifting so also in some rigorous exercise.

I Hope This Helps?

Article By: Abolaji I.B. A Fitness trainer and human kinetic expert.


  1. Lifting weight ke?lolz, where ten ten dey

    Parents should be able to study their kids as they grow as see what they have interest in and develop them along that line

  2. children are always in active exercise everyday ooo.

  3. Weight lifting is an exercise meant for adults like you stated. However, there are light weight that a teenager can engaged in depending on his body stature.

  4. Exercise is good but it should not be started that early, the best stage to start should be 18.


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