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3 Ways To Revive and Improve Boring Relationships/marriages

Why I Suddenly Went Off On This Blog For Awhile And Appreciation

Apology And Appreciation To Our Fans
''You can't just disappear on myloverstrick without an excuse...'' This was what one of our daily readers who called told me. I felt so sorry after she numbered how many times she had refreshed this page to see new content but to no avail.  

I was also been contacted by friends-bloggers who I knew might have missed my posts here and my weird comments on their blog. Gloria kept dropping her messages on my last post, wondering if this guy has been kidnapped. Honestly am honored and I appreciate everyone, we would not have been one family than this.

That's why I hate traveling to Lagos, their lifestyles always reschedule my plan for me. 

Happy Easther.

Now On The Topic 

Relationship, just like our valuable items, we do not only acquire them and keep them at home without adequate maintenance. There are days we just have to service them with the sole aim of giving them new looks and new lives. I don't know whether you've ever experienced this in your relationship, that there comes a time when you just become so bored and feel uninterested in the affairs. 
In case you are experiencing this, it isn't a complete strange thing anyway, it’s human nature to switch off after sometime. We get bored and tired of what we see everyday without new innovation or something really enticing anymore.  
When Do Relationships Become Boring?
There is no specific time to when relationship/marriage should become so bored and tiring. Some relationship become boring after few months of a wonderful relationship experience, others become boring after one year, two years and so many relationship become bad after marriage and giving birth to babies.
Therefore, relationship can become boring anytime. Irrespective of the time you are to face this problem in your affairs, the most important thing is to be ready to revive back the boring relationship. Instead of living the relationship, you  only need to improve it. 
Don't leave because you don't want to get stuck in a boring relationship, rather try as much as possible to seek for helps, advice, tips on how to cope with a boring relationship within this time.
What To Do When You Are In A Boring Relationship 
As I just said, you don't need to leave because your relationship just becomes boring after one year or so. All you need to do is to find an everlasting solution to it. Below are few things you need to do, when you are in a boring affairs.
1) Find Out Who Makes The Relationship  Bored: It could be you. You might have been used to your usual ways of life that you don't even bring any new thing to the relationship any longer. You can't even remember the last time you do a surprising thing to your partner's amazement. 

When last do you pay your partner a surprising visit at work? In school? Or when do you got him/her a wonderful gift packages apart from festive period? As a man, when do you tell your wife to be off from the kitchen and you do the cooking for the family?
Most partners don’t realize that they are killing their relationship themselves. They completely stop doing newer things. Naturally, when you stop looking for newer adventures to embark upon, there is a big chance that you will become bored in everyday routine as well. Don't leave a boring relationship, rather revive it by been creative.
2) Think Of The Good Old Days: Sometimes when I become bored with a friends, or my partner all I do is to sit back and reflect over the old days. The wonderful memories we've one shared together. The wonderful Images, pictures and outing we once had together. Doing this, makes me smiles and believe there are still more attractive things to look out for in such partner.
My belief is that, your past has the power to destroy you, then it also has power to heal your relationship. It all depends on you and how you wanted it. Thinking about your past, there are always some wonderful things that got you attracted to each other as partner in the first place. 

So why not building more on that thing? Why killing it after you might have been together as one? What this does is remind you of the reasons you actually fell in love with someone in the first place.

3) Be Bold To Confront Your Partner: This do happen to everyone. When relationship extremely becomes bored and uninteresting, you develop some misconceptions about the whole affairs. This could make you start to assume stuff in your mind that maybe your partner has lost interest and it’s time to let go yourself.

Instead of you taking decision base on your wrong assumption, why not move closer to your partner and ask him/her if he feels the same and what are the way out to go out of this boring affair? This is the best way to find an everlasting solution to a boring relationship.

I Hope This Helps


  1. You are welcome back coach. Not only relationships o sometimes marriage is boring too.

  2. Welcome back bro, i saw your facebook post and thats was how i got to know you're in lagos. I suggest you use a feature called scheduling on your blog so you could relax very well without abandoning your post schedule.
    To this post;
    I once told someone that KITCHEN is a romantic corner of the house, your post backed my saying up!

    1. Ok brother. I will consider that. Yeah, kitchen can be a so romantic avenue for couples.

  3. welcome back our endtime blogger!hope you enjoyed your stay in lagos.Tunde as rightly advised you to always schedule your post.


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