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Are Child Beauty Pageants A Form of Child Abuse And What Are The Pros And Cons?

Are Child Beauty Pageants A Form of Child Abuse And What Are The Pros And Cons?
On so many occasions, I'm sure you must have watched children on pageants display on the screen of your TV. As a parent, what comes to your mind watching those wonderful performance with your kids at home? Any caring parent would have researched to know if child beauty pageant is legal,  helpful, allowed, or a form of child abuse that is so stressful and harmful to the kids.  

Just last week, I read on the internet that a group of highly desperate, aspiring African University's models were mandated to take off their panties and make a catwalk on the runway which formed part of their audition process. This activities led to shameless displaying of private part form entertainment.
I would not have written on this controversial topic if not for it's constant demand by some of my readers. While I was preparing a guest post yesterday, I got a call from one of those caring woman who still insisted on hearing my opinion on this, maybe to take a certain decision in her daughter's interest.  So I decided to write this.

When Did Child Beauty Pageants Began And How Does It Came To Africa?
Teenagers between the age of 13-17 in America were meant to participate in the Little Miss America beauty pageant in 1960, New Jersey, which was popularly agreed to be the first ever child beauty pageant organized. Ever since then, the culture has been widely inherited by so many countries. Due to the nature and widespread of child beauty pageants, the industry has grown to billion dollars business. 

The system later go racy and weird that, so many commentators expresses disgust over it. Claiming that child beauty pageant is unethical, illegal, full of stress, harmful, causes diet disorder for kids, and finally called for it to be banned. Until 2013, when the French Senate passed a ban on beauty pageants for kids under the age of 16 years.

Africa Coming Into The Scene Of Beauty Pageant
In African, youthful participation in dance competitions used to be a wonderful experience and often lead to a rewarding career. The major reason is to provide performing children with adequate skills and build their self esteem with confidence.

When I was young,  the only place we do see children on stage was during the school prize and award giving days. Where young children in their beautiful traditional and corporate appearances do come out to entertain their teachers, parents, guests and their co-students to grease the events. Such activities were then valuable, meaningful, remarkable, educative and informative. Unlike now that the whole activities are now that of fancy display of costume, make up, fashion and sensitive part.

Arrival Of Children Beauty Pageant Competition's Sponsors
With the continuous interest in fashion and appearance of beauty pageant sponsors everywhere, we now watch on our TV stations children wearing chest revealing dress with heavy make up. Forcing young girls to perform provocative displays on stages and can ignite early sexualization of children..
Whenever I watch any beauty pageant shows, the only impression/message I see them passing to the society is that, natural beauty with your brain are no longer enough for you to survive in life. You just have to go much artificial, weird and lose all sense of shyness to make it... I don't know if you see it the same way.

Advantage Of Child Beauty Pageants
I think one of the reasons why parents still permit their children to participate in any beauty pageant is to enjoy the benefit there in. Everyone wants his/her daughter to turn celebrity and brand ambassador.

The major advantage of such participation is that it can offer a career path for any well performing model. Scholarship here and there for the child's education, popularity, building confidence/self esteem including other financial benefits attached. 

The Cons Of Child Beauty Pageants 
Apart from the benefits of child beauty pageant that I mentioned above, below are some of the favorable arguments against it.

1) Children Growing Up With A Eating disorder: Whenever you see a woman who pay more attention to her physical perfection, attractiveness, sexy and thinness, you will not doubt me that they are always forced to have a diet disorders. They always want to look fit, and ever slim to compete favorably. 

Honestly, the child pageant show are always competitive, demanding and stressful. If you are used to watching any  reality dance or pageant show, you would have seen how children are placed under enormous pressure to perform flawlessly.

2) Pageants Sexualize Young Girls: So many writers have accused media houses and reality TV show of transforming young girls into visual sexual tools. As child pageants increases the interests of young girls in wearing indecent dresses, heavy make up, costumes, high heel shoes and shamelessly displaying of  their sensitive part in public to the satisfaction of the adult watching them.

3) Children Could Become So Rude: In term of behavioral changes, it doesn't change for good. Most of the time, the children that win beauty contests are meant to believe that they are better that everyone. They often have no regards or respect for anyone due to what they are exposed to.

What's your take on this?


  1. I don't really see the advantage and i think it should be discouraged. Parents should learn to allow kids get to a certain age and take decisions for themselves.

  2. i think its fun just for the kids,except te organiser shave ulteriror motive

  3. if well monitored its really cool...but tend to take things overboard
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  4. I like Gloria's comment. I think kids should get to a certain age and make decisions for themselves.

  5. I don't think such a thing should be encouraged among children. They should be allowed to face their studies which is the ultimate thing.


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