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Four Signs To Know Weather You Are In A Parasitic Relationship With Your Partner

Four Signs To Know Weather You Are In A Parasitic Relationship
Nowadays, parasitic relationship, is just so common everywhere that you hardly see couples complaining about it except it got to an intolerable level. What most people don't know is that, you can't keep a parasitic partner and survive, no matter how patient you are.

Nature of Parasites In Relationship
Parasites in their nature, go into their hosts and suck all the valuable resources in them till they are sucked to death. That is why parasitic relationship is not what anyone can overlook or remain in till his/her suck to death. 

Therefore, if you suspect that you're in a parasitic relationship, then you must be worried that the person you're dating, just like a parasite, is sucking you dry, robbing you of emotional strength, money, time, and everything else that are so valuable to you.
Four Signs To Know Weather You Are In A Parasitic Relationship

1) You Do Everything in The Relationship: Many people do not see this as been parasitic in nature but it is. You can only get to know it's negative effects when you are completely overwhelm with liabilities. Though it good to help your partner in need, but if you find out that you're always the one that pays for education, clothes, feeding, outing, bills and others for your partner then you need to watch out.

In any healthy relationship, both partners must be active in providing assistance to each other while in a parasitic relationship, one partner is always been found doing it all to satisfy the other partner with little or no appreciation.

2) Your Attention Is Always Seized By Your Partner: Its good to have a wonderful time together with your partner, but it becomes absurd when your partner demands your 100% attention constantly and have no regard for others that are in need of you. They don't want to see you having nice time with friends, colleagues or even some family members.

If you are in this kind of relationship, then, you must prepare your mind, because you are heading towards a parasitic relationship.

3) You Are Emotional Intimidated: Keeping a relationship is wonderful, and both people in love should be able to share their feelings to each other. Care and respect your partner's feelings as much as he/she does to yours. You just wanna hear them out whenever they are bothered and really want to talk about it with you and you always run to them to share your worries.

Relationship becomes so intimidating when you have something to share with your partner but you can't express yourself for fear of oppression. It could also be that you're afraid to share your feelings because you think your partner will get angry and misunderstand you. 

You may also be scared to share you worries because you are so sure your partner won't listen or show concern, by claiming too busy, tired or uninterested. But he or she always demands for your attention to every single thing about him/her.

4) Your Partner Never Appreciate You: You are in a relationship where your efforts and contribution has never been appreciated, instead you are still been taking for granted. Your partner never compensated you with words not with any form of kind gesture. 

You can't even remember the last time you heard 'thank you' from them. But such partner expect you to show appreciation for every single favour they do for you. Then, you don't need anyone to tell you, you are in a parasitic affairs.

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  1. nice writeup bro...love your blog

  2. In the case if the other partner is jobless nko?there are lot of parasitic relationship,it can swerve to the male partner or the female

    1. Been Jobless is not a passport to overwhelm someone partners with responsibilities. Atleast show that you care.

    2. U are right saheed, we can show love and care with the little we have

  3. A parasitic relationship is an unhealthy relationship and should be discouraged. Nothing is as worst as not being appreciated from the one you love. Most times females in these relationships see the signs but often overlook them.


    1. Thanks for your contribution madam. How are u?


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