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How Do I Tell My Crush I Love Him When Am In A Serious Relationship?

As human being, it is in our nature to be attracted to other people even though we are in a serious relationship with someone else. It is possible you feel attracted to someone other than your boyfriend/girlfriend. The most painful thing is that, most times your crush doesn't even know you exist and if they do, they don't know the feeling exists. You keep developing feelings for this so special guy, you like his ways but the most difficult thing is how to pass the message across.

As a lady, how to walk to your crush and tell him you love him could be terrifying, most especially when you have someone you date. You don't want to ruin your relationship, yet you don't want to die in silent. This might keep you asking questions such as, how do I tell my crush I have crush on him? What would be his response? Would my crush tell people I love him? Would I ever regret telling my crush I love him? 

Sometimes, your mind might even suggest that you wait till Valentine or the last day in the school before you express yourself to him. Whatsoever the situation, its not just easy to walk up to someone who never notice you exist and talk about love.

My Little Experience About Crush And How I Felt
Have you ever love someone so greatly that you can't tell him/her? You just possess a burning desire to be in love with someone so special and extremely important to you. You feel so emotional about them, you are always at the best of your appearance and characters whenever you are to be around them. 

I once had a crush on a very special girl in the University but I never noticed until I observed that I always watch how I react instinctively whenever she is around me. I do feel so shy, blush unnecessarily and always want to please her. I just wanted to be with her in more than just a friend relationship. Whenever she see me hanging out with another ladies, I feel guilty and regretful for no reason.

As for me, I remain so shyful for my crush throughout the school program and unable to express myself to her. On our convocation day, having realized we might not be opportune to meet again, she walked to me and said. 'Saheed...for all these years, you remained my crush and am your secret admirer'... I felt relaxed and confidently, I told her she also occupied the same position in my heart.

Honestly, having crush on someone could make you do somethings you could never had imagined you did. Most times, the person you are dying for would not even appreciate that, because they never knew you care.
How To Tell My Crush I Love Him/Her
You might have been bothering on how to talk to your crush and express your feelings, these simple tricks would help you. You don't need to wait till valentine day or the last day in school to tell your crush how you feel. Do it gradually, and you are there.

1) Build Confidence: Unlike me, you don't need to be shy away from the fact that you like him/her. Most times, what people see and appreciate about you is just your level of confidence. Build self respect, belief in yourself, and behave well, as this could place you in a more attractive position in him/her presence. Remember you are trying to impress someone, and of the best ways to do easily is showing your confidence level to the person.

2) Meet Your Crush To Greet Atleast: How would you have crush on someone for years and you would not have gotten an opportunity to say 'Hi' even for once? If you have crush on someone who is in the same environment with you, opportunity would always present itself to say hi to the person. Never feel too shy to greet him/her.

3) Tell Your Friends About Your Crush: If opportunity presented itself, you can even tell her/his friends too. By not keeping it to yourself, you are getting free from the emotional bondage of having a crush. You could get some wonderful advice from friends on how to go about it. Some of his/her friend can even go ahead to tell her you have a crush on him. This could be the best starting point for your crush to be aware of your feelings.

4) Meet Your Crush To Express Your Feelings: No matter how long you keep it, its very important you let your crush know how you feel. This is the time you need to come out in reality to tell the truth. Tell them you admire them, and how long you've watch after them. 

If your crush feel the same way and you both don't have a serious relationship, it could be the beginning of a productive relationship between you guys. Don't leave it till it becomes too late for anything to materialize between you guys. Don't postpone it till the last day in school. Walk to your crush and tell him/her today.

Painful Things To Me
  • I had a crush in school, but could not tell her till the final day in school, now she is gone.
  • I presently have a crush on the blogville but she is already a married woman..

    You wanna be like me?


  1. walk up to her and say all thats needed and avoid someone walking up to you to tell you hw good a friend you are, but siriously just walk and say it all, whats yours is yours..

    greetings from leXHansplaCE

  2. Lolz at Uthman it's not in all situation that some of these points will work oo.

    1. Coach where are you, hope you are good??

    2. What is happening here. Where is our relationship doctor?

  3. Our relationship expert. Your wife will enjoy you. I am "jelouxing"already

  4. sometimes it's very difficult, but I think you should be bold enough to free yourself from the thought.


  5. Omo this one get as e'be oooo. Just like Amodu said, it's not an easy thing to do, but those who are bold enough can give it a try. I'm married no time for this anymore. Over to the singles!!!

  6. Telling a crush about how one feel would also make you know your stand.
    Would she refuse and says she's already engaged?
    Would she accept you?
    Only by Telling would the anwser be revealed.


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