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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work
Is your long distance relationship getting hard on a daily basis? Have you started doubting the possibility of working things out between you guys because you've virtually put all you have in it and nothing changes about the long distance dating problems?

I understand that in your efforts to work out things, you are gradually becoming... a long distance relationship songs and quote/poem writer.

You now spend a reasonable part of your nights drafting some cool test messages to be sent across to your partner in the other part of the world. This takes most of your time as you hardly sleep in a day without an SMS been sent across.

In the past, you've never been a fan of story tellers... but in recent time, you read a lot of articles, books and stories about long distance relationships to gain experiences and to learn some working ideas. In fact, you joined so many forum, sites, and your best movies are now those that are centered on long distance dating.

I believed you never thought you could become a die hard fan of R&B until you got into this love affairs that has now gradually turned you to a great fan of any long distance relationship R & B songs. Just like my roommate  in school ( Tahir by name), you can't just sleep without the song.

Discouraging Result To All  Efforts
Despite all these efforts, what you get in return is a deep depression which is capable of threatening the union. In all the strategies learnt so far, nothing seems to work out fine for you. Your long distance relationship is still become so frustrating on a daily basis. 

Even now that sending  'love letter' is no longer in vogue, you still send letters in company of those wonderful cards and gifts to satisfy your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend, but all to no avail. You still  keep missing each other, you fight, you rant and some times you don't even talk for days.

Now! The big question is, what are you doing wrong and why is your long distance relationship not working? You may not know why, but let me tell you how to make a long distance relationship work in any circumstance. With these four proven ways.

4 Proven Ways On How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work
My friend, do you know that a little adjustments to how you behave and attitude can solve your long distance relationship problems. Just try to make a little changes to your daily activities with your partner and you are guaranteed of a well fulling long distance  dating.

Make amendment to:  

1) How You Build Trust: How do you build trust in a relationship? How much trust do have you built in your partner that makes you thing things are not going to work out? Do you trust him/her so greatly that you don't don't have any fear or doubt about them?

If not, I will say ''build a trust''... 

2) How You Stay In Contact: I have been in long distance dating for the past two years now and all I do is establishing and maintaining an emotional connection as often as I could. Making frequent conversation on phone or chat is an easy way to get closer. Continuous communication is an easy way to keep your relationship up to date.

Don't skip communications or allowing a gap between you guys to ruin the whole thing, talk as much as possible. Talk funny, discuss your day, and talk about your job. Just implore every best opportunities to talk and talk. Whatsapp, Test, BBM, twitter, Facebook and other social media can do that.

3) How You Visit: Long distance relationship is not easy, but you can make it real by paying visit as often as possible. Seeing your partner in person is so important that your relationship may not survive without it. Make sure you see each other as opportunity permit. Spending some memorable time together with your partner during visitation, makes them feel comfortable when you are not around.

Before you complain of your long distance relationship, can you tell me when last you pay him/her a visit? Ok. Let me guess... Last week, last month, last two months or last year?  

4) How You Doubt Your Partner: Distance don't kill love doubt do. Therefore you need to give your best in choosing love over doubt. You must always ask questions and been curious when you noticed any new changes in her attitude. You must also be willing to open up in case he/she demand explanation concerning certain issues.

Don't give room for doubt.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. I have read something similar here before. I think in all relationships especially long distance, communication, Underground and love is the key.

  2. i hate long distance relationship,i cant even get involve

  3. I once had a long distance relationship which didn't work out at the end of the day. Thank God I'm off the market now - over to the singles in the house.

  4. i also had long distance relationships, it was very hard for us, but we have skype so every night we were together!i also wrote an article about it enjoy reading it!


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