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Five Wrong Reasons To Get Married And Why You Must Avoid It

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We are living in a community where, married people are not only been cherished but viewed and regarded as the most responsible people. Marriage is not only valuable as an institution itself, but also command certain societal values and respects for one who is able to get married at an appropriate TIME. The issue of appropriate time here, has been discussed in my article tittle the best time to get married

In spite of the above mentioned importance of Marriage, we still have so many cases of marital problems which most times do eventually ended up with divorce. This can only be attributed to the failure of young couples to give certain considerations to some important issues before walking to the altar. Most times, people get married for wrong reasons.

Nowadays most couples unknowingly get married for wrong reason. Marriage to them, is more or less like a commercial bus which anyone can join then decide to drop from at anytime when he/she is no longer feeling convenient with the journey. 

Below Are Five Wrong Reasons To Get Married
1. Feeling Lonely And Bored: This is mostly common among singles who are of age. Especially when ladies reach the age of 30 and above. They just want to go out of that lonely life. Their wrong assumption is that, marriage will definitely cure their loneliness. 

If you built your marriage on this wrong reason, am sorry to tell you that, getting a spouse won’t cure loneliness. In fact, such partner can make your loneliness worse because he/she will never fulfill all his promises. You will then feel more bored, at a time when you've already tied yourself down with the wrong partner.

2. Getting Married To Please And Impression The Society: This may not be strange to you, in one way or the other you might have seen or heard of couples who only got married to relieve the societal pressure on their heads.

In Africa society, marriage is not only valuable as an institution itself, but also command certain societal values and respects for one who is able to get married at an appropriate time. It is as a result of this, that people will always want to get hooked in order not to be pressurized by the societal demand. 

If you are yet to find the right person and you are getting married for this wrong reason, then the marriage might not last.

3. You Think Marriage Should Be The Next Thing: We have this wrong belief, and almost everyone believes in it in this part of the World. The thing is, once you graduated from the University, got a job, the next thing is to get married. Without paying regards to maturity, finding the right person or getting ready.

In most cases, that is the formula everyone is expected to apply to their lives. Though, am not condemning this process, but proper regards should also be paid to weather you've gotten the right partner, ready and you and your partner are matured for marriage. Don't just rush into marriage because you felt its the next step in your formula.

4. All Your Friends Are Married: Personally, I have met with many ladies who only felt they were ripe for marriage because all their friends had already married. This is one of the worst reason why people rush into marriage. At the end of the day, when things don't seem the way they were, they rush out immediately. 

5. Because I'm Getting Old: At a certain age, some ladies become so desperate to get married. They don't care whatever it will take to get that done. They can't just remain single at that age. This is really common in our society.

If age is the only factor that is forcing you to get married at this time, then you must be getting married for a wrong reason.

Marriage is only worthy of rushing into, when you find the right person that loves you and you love in return, you can both cope with each other, matured and both of you are ready for marriage because you understand each other .


  1. i agreeewith you on these points ,most people gewt married because of these points

    1. Thanks for your comments madam. How are you?

  2. You hit the nail right on the head. Let those that have eyes read.

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    1. How Are You madam? Long time. How have you been?

  3. Most people marry for these reasons especially 'my friend are getting married, so i too should'

    1. "most of my friends has gotten married"...this excuse is common from the ladies angle

  4. loverstrick always b making sense since 40bc... preach on broda, that people may hear and do things right... longest time me never visit here...

  5. People get married for wrong reasons, i hope they will learn from this

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