Monday, 18 April 2016

Four Steps To Quit Relationship Peacefully With Your Partner

Four Steps To Quit  Relationship Peacefully With Your Partner
Let me first of all say this, breakups hurt regardless of how you do it with your loved ones. It is difficult, painful and hurtful to bear. But no matter how tough it is, there’s always a right way to do things, no matter how strange the thing is, you can still end up your relationship compassionately. 
Knowing how to quit a relationship peacefully is one of the most difficult to do between two lovers. That's why must of the break up in our society today usually lead to violence.
You hardly see people end up a relationship and remain friends. It only takes mature minds to break up amicably, and compassionately.

Below Are List Of Ways To Exit A Relationship Peacefully And Amicably

1) Don’t  Break Up In Anger: Majority of young lovers that end up their relationship today always do that in anger. So never allow that to happen. Though naturally you are born to be angry, when things actually got you provoked, but try as much as possible to be calm and take control of your mind. Expressing your dissatisfaction with anger is highly unhealthy for both of you.

It is more respective when you leave amicably without causing any havoc to your partners. With time, you will feel regretful whenever you remember how angrily you broke up with him/her. So be calm with whatsoever reason you have to break up.

2) Don't Announce Your Break Up With Text Messages, Chat Or Facebook Update: Just imagine how you are going to feel, reading on your partners' Facebook timeline that your relationship with them is over. Or getting to know through their social media update. Its really painful, and apart from the fact that they will feel cheated, they may find it necessary to respond in an aggressive way, through their social network also.

How would you feel if your partner could just write a few lines of words and end things forever with you online? He/she does not even give you the benefits of talking it out. To me, it’s very immature and really painful. So be bold to talk about it physically. Talk to your partner, and be bold to give them your reasons.

3) Don't Keep Them On Suspense: The most hurtful and painful ways of breaking up with your partner is to continue keeping them on suspense while you just disappear. You have the wrong believe that, by disappearing, the love will slowly fade away. So you felt you don't need to talk about it. 

If you have any problem with your relationship, is better to talk over it. Sudden disappearance to kill your love in their hearts is not the best practice to break up. You are likely to hurt them deeply, if you do that. Contrary to what you think, disappearing is not a way to quit relationship without hurting your partner.

4) Keep The Public Out Of This: You don’t need to involve any third party in your affairs. In case you think someone else could do it better than you, then you are mistaken. You must keep in mind that it’s your relationship, and you actually initiated it, and no third party is needed to end it up since you are no longer interested.

I Hope This Helps?


  1. Mature way to end a relationship not some childish act

  2. You're absolutely right sir that its uncommon to see people become friends after they had breakup due to the way they depart.
    If i may ask, is it advisable to call on phone (considering distance and some other factor)

    1. is not ideal to end relationship on phone in whatsoever means. Calling, text messages or chat. How are you sir?

  3. Good ways to end a relationship.

  4. Am fine bro. Actually its the other party that broke up via phone call


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