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How And Where To Collect NYSC Exemption And Exclusion Certificate For Both Foreign And Nigerian Graduates

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Exemption cert
Naturally, students who has graduated and conferred with any national academic degree either as a HND or B.Sc holder, such person is entitled to go for one year NYSC program for the service of his fatherland. Be him/her a Nigerian trained graduate or foreign graduate.

But there are circumstances and exemption to this rule. In such a circumstance, even if a graduate is conferred with an academic degree, he/she will not still be called up for national service, rather be given NYSC certificate of exemption or exclusion as the case may be.

What Are The Exemption To Participating In NYSC Program?
As a Nigerian who has actually took years in school to study, and suddenly after completing the program, you are meant to know that going for national service would not be possible for the best reasons you think known to them.

Let me tell you the reasons why you might not be qualify to go for NYSC
  • You will not go for NYSC program if you are a part time graduate
  • You will not be called up for NYSC if you are above 30 years 
  • If you served in the Armed Forces, SSS, Defence Intelligence agency of the Federation or the Nigeria Police Force for a period of more than nine months
  • If you have been conferred with any national honour.. eg OON.
If you fall in any categories of these, you would be exempted from service and either certificate of exemption or exclusion would be issued to you. This applies to both Nigerian and foreign graduate.

Who Gets NYSC Exclusion Letter?
This is another controversy that most graduate don't even know about. The simple truth about NYSC exclusion letter is that, it is meant for PART TIME graduates. So as a part time students from any Polytechnic or University in Nigeria or abroad, you are not going to be called up for NYSC, you will not also get exemption certificate, but letter of exclusion.

Click the link above to see that are the contents of NYSC exclusion letter and how it looks like in real.

Who Gets NYSC Exemption Certificate?
If you regular students but graduated from your institution while you are already above 30 years of age. Or you fall in the other categories apart from been a part time student, all you will get is a NYSC exemption certificate.

Click the link above to see that are the contents of NYSC exemption certificate and how it looks like in real.

How To Get and Collect NYSC Exemption Certificate As A Nigerian Or Foreign Graduate
This is actually the question that prompted me to write this post. A foreign student who read my previous post on NYSC asked this particular question. You can check the post and his question here.

It is on this note that I have decided to answer the question with an explicit  demonstration for clarity.
Let start with Nigerian Graduate who wants to get his/her exemption or exclusion certificate as the case may be.

  1. Your school plays a major role in this. After your graduation, your institution will send your details to NYSC among that of other students you graduated together. (either for exemption or called up letter).
  2. The NYSC will send back the list to your school to indicate those that will be called and those who will be given exemption. The reasons for your exemption would be clearly stated on it.
  3. Thereafter, you are expected to join every other person to register on NYSC portal for service. Where they are to choose their preferred States of service, you will not be given such opportunity. The system will notify you that you are an exempted students.
  4. When others are been given called up letter to come for camp, you are meant to go back to your school and collect your exemption certificate.
  5. Your exemption certificate is ready two weeks after your colleagues have resumed to NYSC orientation camp.
  6. Go get it there. So simple.
Please Be Informed That: Collection of Certificate of Exemption for home trained graduates is only done in the Institution of graduation and not in NYSC office.
How To Get NYSC Certificate Of Exemption as A Foreign Trained Graduate
Yours is a bit different and the process involved you to come down to Nigeria.  The whole process would be carried out by yourself in person in NYSC Secretariat Abuja. Below are the procedures to get your exemption certificate as a foreign student.
  • You need to start processing your certificate with the evaluation of credentials and other related documents i.e. International passport.
  • After the evaluation of credentials the foreign trained graduate is then registered and this is physically done at the NYSC directorate headquarters, Abuja. It is at the point of registration that the classification of who to be called-up or who to be exempted; is determined.
  • Certificates of Exemption are therefore produced for those exempted from service.
  • Such Certificates of Exemption for foreign graduates are to be collected at the NYSC directorate headquarters at the stipulated time communicated.
Either you served for one year and got your discharged certificate after one year, or you were exempted from service and got exemption certificate or exclusion letter. You are still a graduate and you are qualified to take up any employments as your other canter-parts. The choice still lies on your prospective employer.
The only disadvantage on exemption certificate is that, it state your birthday, and some employer may need someone who is  less older or more older and experienced than you. I hope this helps?

In conclusion, one would wonder that, after going through the University of Polytechnic academic curriculum, write project topics and materials NYSC is still loaded with a lot of complexity.


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