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How Your Cell Phone Disconnects And Hurts Your Relationship

How Your Cell Phone Disconnects And Hurts Your Relationship
One of the contradictory attributes of our cell phone is that, it always has it ways of connecting people from far and disconnect people who are so close to each other. In recent time, partners are free to touch each other's body without restriction or permission, but they dare not touch each others' phone. After all, their phones are always locked with a tough security pattern.

When technology finally intruded on your relationship, you can be in the same apartment on the same bed for hours with your lovers without a single exchange of word.
You will definitely see nothing wrong when your partner attends to his/her phone instead of you, you don't feel bad or been ignored because you are also busy romancing your phone with your ten fingers. Emotionally, you guys are not connected.

How My Phone Almost Hurts My Relationship
This happened to me last month when I went to Lag to see my girl. I was with her gisting and discussing an  important issue before our romantic moment was disrupted by an email. A mail dropped on my inbox, I got a notification and I quickly lunched my browser to check who was it and what was the message about.

After attending to the mail, I quickly went through my social media updates. I responded to my whatsapp chats, an app which I have more than 500 active users with constant inflow of messages. Finally, I ended up launching my blog to do some rough work which took me so long time. 

Doing this took me more than one hour, and I never make a single sentence with my girl throughout the period. Until my device went off. I never knew she was hurt in silence. The only question she managed to ask me was that if  “I am more interested in my phone than in her?" To her, me ignoring her for such a period indicated that I'm more in relationship with my phone than with her and she doesn't worth my attention.

She took her hand bag and left. Despite all my apology, it took her more than four days to forgive and forget. Painfully, we never had opportunity of been together again till I left Lagos. Since then, I've learnt my lesson.
You And Your Phone Are In A Serious Relationship
Many people are in a serious and committed relationship with their phones but they are not aware. The recent development in phone technology, cell phones are now perceived as our best companions. Unfortunately, we all have unknowingly, dedicated most of our time to them. 

We are mostly on our phones. Whether it’s about checking emails or sending a message, Facebook, BBM, Whatsapp or Twitter. We lose complete concentration whenever we got a notification and we are yet to check it. This is a sign of been in a committed relationship with our phone. I hope you are guilty of this also?

Your cell phone will keep hurting your relationship until you:

1) Create Phone Free Zones: This is compulsory. Try to agree on places e.g your bedroom, dinning that you can both off your phones to spend time together without having to worry about what people sent to you on social media through your phone. You must create an environment where there is absolutely no interference what so ever.

2) Share What You Are Smiling At In Your Phone With Your Partner:  If both of you cannot stop using your phone while together, then don’t let your partner feel left out when you are staring at your screen and laughing. This kind of behaviour makes your partner feel like it is not you but a stranger in the room with them. 

Sharing what you are reading with your partner makes your togetherness more lively and makes them trust you more.
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  1. You ought to have put your phone in silence while with her. And I totally agree with sharing what one is reading on phone together

  2. Cell phones may disconnect people that are so close to each other.
    My Regards to your lover
    Thanks for sharing

  3. That phone free zone should work for everyone lol. I have fallen victim severally. Good for her to forgive you and please bae bear with us oo.

    1. Smiles...She gat no option jor. Women with shakara finks. How are you madam?

  4. Hmmmn!this is what happens in my housse,maybe when we disconnect wifi in my house then we wont be having disconnection.lmao.after dinner my hubby goes to his computer room to work while i stay in the living room to blog,whik eating we must press our phones ,my hubby is either watching comedy and me busy liking pics on insta.


    1. Bola will not stop making me laugh with her comment. Anyway, its seems like both of you are still very comfortable with the happenings for now. Until when one partner is tired of it that problem set in.


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