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Kaduna State NYSC Orientation Camp, Is It Good And How To Get There From Your State

Kaduna State NYSC orientation camp is one of the best NYSC orientation camp you can be. So therefore, if you have been asking to know if Kaduna State NYSC camp is good or not, searching for the address or how to get to Kaduna State NYSC camp. Or you've never been to the North before and you are coming to Kaduna for the first time. 

You don't need to be worried. This post will give you hint on how to get to the NYSC camp without stress and without spending the whole of your money for transport.

Let me First Answer the question:

Is Kaduna State NYSC camp good?
Smiles... If I may ask, what do you called a good camp? Though, taste and expectation differs and what seems to be perfectly good for me might means something else for you. That's just the simple reality. If you are a prospective corps member and you are to resume to any camp in Nigeria, either the best camp or worst, don't expect it to be as comfortable as your home.

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That is why it is called camp, not hotel or home. You are going to NYSC camp for something completely difference from catching fun. So you have to adjust your extreme anticipation. As far as am concern, what a good camp is all about are:
  • It must be a NYSC camp with a good hostel structure for corps members.
  • Have sufficient and ventilated bed space for corps members.
  • Provision of clean and adequate bathroom and toilet
  • A well arrange Maimi markets where corps members can buy whatever they need
  • Located in well secured environments
  • Adequate water and power supply   
  • A Mosque and Churches ( if you are an herbalist, you have to wait till get back
  • A good parade ground and well road structure in the camps.
These are what you should expect in any good NYSC camp. Don't expect the facilities in luxury hotels or apartments.

If we are to base our evaluation on all these, then we can conclude that Kaduna State NYSC Camp is a very good and one of the best camps in Nigeria.

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How To Get To Kaduna State NYSC Orientation Camp
This is another problem faced by prospective corps members. You are in Portharcourt, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Delta, Lagos, Edo, Kwara, Delta, Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Kogi, Ekiti, Niger, Anambra or any other far away State and you are been posted to Kaduna for NYSC. How do you get to Kaduna orientation camp.

You keep wondering about this, as you've never been to any part of the North. So don't worry. Kaduna is save and no Boko Haram. The people are welcoming and not violent as the media might have wrongly misinformed you. ABU Zaria is in Kaduna state for those who like to serve in federal universities. You can also download ABU post UTME past Questions and answers HERE.

Lagos, Ogun Oyo States To Kaduna NYSC Camp
If you are coming from Lagos, Ogun and Oyo to Kaduna, its simple. Though you just have to take night bus because that is more economical compared to other transportation means. It is N5500 from Ido, Agege, or Oyingbo in Lagos. There are lot of public transport operators in these areas. Just join one. The one I used to board is either Bonny way (used to take off around 7pm) or Ezenwata (used to take off around 5pm. More reliable and Ok service. The journey may take you 12 to 14 hours.

If you are from Ogun going to NYSC camp in Kaduna, all you need to do is to take N500 bus to Lagos and do the same as described above. If you are in Oyo State, go to Ibadan and join the same night bus at park straight to Kaduna. Its almost 12-13hours journey to Kaduna. Once you see welcome to Kaduna in the following morning, that's after you might have past Abuja for like 1hour 30minute. Tell the driver you will be alighted at NYSC camp.

The address is NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Kaduna – Abuja Road, Kaduna State. So be careful, you won't follow the bus to Kaduna city before you drop. Drop in front of the camp. Kaduna NYSC camp is on the main road.

Kwara and Osun State To Kaduna NYSC Camp
From Osun, either in Oshogbo, Ife, Ikirun, Ilesha or Owo, you can board Kaduna buses from there. It is morning bus and will pass through Abuja. If you are a sharp guy, you can join the night bus coming from Lagos and Ibadan in Owo around 1am. You will just pay for attachments. Less than 2k.

If you are coming to Kwara, you can board Kaduna bus from Offa (my home town) or in Ilorin. The buses are all over everywhere. It is a morning bus. Make sure you are in park at worst 6.30am. If your bus pass through Abuja, drop in front of the NYSC camp before the bus will proceed to Kaduna city. If your bus passes through Jebba, you have to drop at Mando park in Kaduna town, then take bus to NYSC camp along Abuja road.

Ekiti, Kogi and Niger States To Kaduna NYSC Camp
In case you are coming from Ekiti, Kogi and Niger States to Kaduna NYSC orientation camp, your own is simple. It is the same root, take morning bus to Kaduna in your respective States. You will pass through Lokoja to Abuja. From Abuja, come down to Kaduna State and along the road, you will see the NYSC camp. Just tell your driver where you wanna drop. Simple. 

I will talk about the other State in the subsequent posts. Am tired jare. 

I hope this helps? 



  2. This is a very useful post for those who are going to Kaduna for their NYSC.
    I'd never been to the north before though, but am curious to pay a visit there someday

  3. to whom it might concern...get in here all prospective and intending corp member


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