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Living And Dealing With A Depressed Partners

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Relationship is an interested package when the both partners are happy and are willing to be together. Having a happy affairs makes you feel loved, more secured and live an healthy lifestyle. You come to experience the opposite, when you are dealing with a depressed partner.

A depressed partner is not someone you can easily cope with if you are not really determined. It becomes more frustrating when you found out that your depressed partner does not want to accept your help. Most times, depressed partners just want a distance. Blame you for everything, and when a depressed partner falls out of love, he/she may even dump you for no reason.

Why Does Partners Got Depressed?
This is one of the questions someone who is in a relationship with a depressed partner should ask and provide answers to. As a couple who has been living happily before now, suddenly, your partner changes and started reacting funny to everything. Then what causes that? You should know and you should be able to answer that.
There are several reasons why partners got depressed: 
  • Some partners got depressed after giving birth
  • Partner got depressed when they are been cheated on
  • Partner got depressed when they fall out of love with you
  • While some partners got depressed when they are been ignored by you.
Whatever the situation is, you should be able to know why. That is where to start addressing the situation.

What Should I Do With My Depressed Partner?
My partner is depressed and feeling constantly unhappy. What should I do? Should I leave my depressed partner, tolerate him/her or what is the way out in dealing with a depressed partner even when he/she don't want my help? Should i just continue to live with my depressed partner even when I can see he/she is gradually falling out of love? 

Knowing the real cause of your partner's depression would make it easy for you to address the problem. You must know that, depression is a terminal sickness and it really requires a powerful pull that can bring out the person from this black hole of darkness.You need to be determined to help your depressed partner and bring them back.

Here Are Few Things You Need To Know When You Want To Help Your Depressed Partner

1) You Have To Be Patience: No doubt that, we surely need  patience every single day and every single minute of our lives. But, you need it more when trying to cope with a depressed partner. You just have to be patience because your depressed partner would not appreciate your efforts no matter how hard you tried.

They might have already felt been cheated, or some other thing is not just right with them. So dealing or coping with a depressed partner won't be an easy or quick thing as you may expect. So be patience and be focused and determined to help.

2) Don't Be Frustrated: If you have once be in a relationship with a depressed partner, you would know how frustrated it is to live with them. They will tempt you in whatsoever way to provoke your anger, but don't be frustrated.

As a human being, if frustration set in, you just have to let out your frustration elsewhere so you can recharge yourself and find the motivation to help out your partner again. Remember, you partner needs you more in this period. So don't ignore him/her.

3. Don't Expect To See Immediate Changes: Remember you are working on your frustrated and depressed partner who is going through a known or unknown problem. It is not right to expect your partner to suddenly wake up one day and be perfectly fine. It won't happen that way because its a gradual process.

You need to understand that, getting out of depression is a long process and it requires constant efforts and constant push.  Though, it might become overwhelming for you but that is the exact kind of emotion you need to hide from them. Otherwise, they will add your frustration and anger to their list of things that makes them depressed. They may accuse you of intolerance.

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  1. Its not easy to live with a depressed fellow and hopefully, these tips on MLT are going to be much of help

  2. ohk.....Dealing with depressed partner,thinka am alwyas the depressed partner..lolz

    1. Smiles...that means your man has done a lot to have brought made you back to your happy mood.

  3. This is one of your best articles so far.. Great one. Depression is a deadly situation currently have a victim as a colleague and he is going insane already.


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