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Why Do We Dream About Someone We Love And What Does It Mean?

Why Do We Dream About Someone We Love?
While I was still in the Junior Secondary School, I remember waking up one midnight from bed with tears rolling down my eyes, due to the terrible and fearful dream I was just waking up from. The dream was so real that I had to cry out in reality. It was a dream about my dad, he died in my dream and in less than one month later, he died in reality (What a terrible dream comes to reality!!!).

Though, I was sad and depressed when they broke the news of his mysterious death to me, but I was not really surprised because I already saw it in the dream. The only thing I regretted was telling the wrong person my dream, who told me not to worry because she could not decode and understand any message from the dream.

Why Do We Dream During Sleep If It Has No Meaning?
Ever since that incident, I keep asking myself the above question, why do we dream, if it has no meaning? Why do we dream about people we love, people we like and the people we hate? Why do we dream about memories and something so important to us?
The reality is that, only few people knew that dreams are mysterious in their own ways. For the wise ones, dreams open a realm of extreme curiosity that every serious human being must try as much as possible to decode. Everyone need to settle town and read meaning to the messages hidden in our dreams. This is far more better than ignoring the message of dream.

Why Do We Dream About Someone We Love?
Paying proper attention to this kind of dream is so important that any serious minded relationship should never overlook it for once. Dreaming about someone you love could come in different ways, and I will try as much as possible to categorize them into various groups with likely meaning.
The most important here is that you must pay a close attention to what do happen in your dream to someone you love.
  • If you’re the type whose dream is always about happy moment with your partner, then it’s fair to conclude that you have a deep emotional connection with your partner.
  • If your dream is always about fighting with your partner, feeling insecure and others, there is a highly likelihood that your relationship is unstable.
  • If all you dream is all about seeing your partner with someone else, it could be that you are not both emotional connected with each other like it should be, or weather your partner is a cheat or you are just naturally been jealous for no reason.
I'm not saying those are the direct interpretations for the above dreams, but they are very close to reality. 

Why Do We Dream About Something And Someone Who We Are Not Dating? Dreaming about something or someone could be attributed to many things. The common reason is that: 
  • You likely slept off while thinking about this certain thing or person. It’s only natural that you thought about them while you fell asleep, and they found themselves into your sleep. 
  • It is also possible weather, they’ve been on your mind for quite some time throughout the day, so of course they had been in your thoughts all day. In this situation, when you sleep at night, you might likely dream about them.
Whatever the nature of your dream, try to find out why and what actually brought about it. Dreams are full of message that ordinarily you might be able to decode, until you find out why.

What Do You Do When You Dream?


  1. Dream! i recently noticed i have a particular dream seeing myself in my secondary school especially.its becoming a thing of worry for me.I dont know if its worth worrying about sha

    i pray against any negative meaning the dream carries sha

    1. Hmmm Bola that means you will go back to your school and establish a foundation there. Mentor students to become lawyers and other responsible people.

    2. You are right saheed i have been thinking in that direction tho.i will see what i can do before my next birthday,insha Allah

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  3. Apt if I might say. I dreamt about horrible d bad things happening not to me or any other person but about apocalypse. I rather not go into the details of it.
    I could also remember seeing myself drown in an ocean during my childhood.

  4. What I do sometimes when I dream is to seek the face of God in prayer, especially when it has to do with a terrible dream. Nice post Uthman.

  5. Dream are really mysterious, i pray to God to give us more clearer definition of our dreams
    You're stronger than you are my bro and i wish you the best


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