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Four Reasons Why You Are Adding More Weight Without Control

Four Reasons Why You Are Adding More Weight Without Control
Your clothes are feeling snug everyday, and you can't even tell the reason for it. Do you know why you are getting fat and keep adding more weight on a daily basis? Are you worried about this and you actually have no idea of what could be the reason? Are you feeling like, its what you eat that makes you add fat incessantly without control? Let me tell you the simple truth... You adding weight is not just what you're eating.

Surprised?...I know you must have been told or read this several times. Let me tell you more. 

Below are other reasons why you are adding weight

1. Your Body System Is Changing: The passage of time alone is enough to make you add more weight. You can no longer compare your body to how it was five years back. You are adding age, and  as you age, your metabolism slows down bit by bit. Therefore, at this time, you need to be mindful of what you eat or drink.

Another thing is that, as a woman who is getting nearer to her menopause, hormonal changes may also occur in your system. All these could constitute to you getting fat naturally. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, one of the best way to watch your weight is to pull combined efforts of exercise and cutting intake of calories. If you are a woman who go for regular exercise, you are likely not to add weight like the other woman who don't. 

2. You Sleep Less: Taking an adequate sleep is very important in so many ways, as a matter of fact, those people who sleep less eat more food. We all know this, that the moment you are not sleeping, you will definitely be doing something else. You may be reading, watching, browsing or something else...but whatever you are doing, you must be consuming energy which will later result you to demanding for either more food or drinks.
If you don't want to get fat by consuming extra food all night, it is important that you get a good night’s rest, and practice good sleep habits. You need to go to bed the same time each night, this will go along way to reducing how you add pound.

3. Losing Muscle Could Make You Add More Weight: Naturally, when we get to certain age, we lose muscle...and this could lead to fatness. The only thing you need to combat this, is by going through regular body exercise. Just develop the habit of exercising yourself on a daily basis, and never be irregular.

4. You Are Dieting: Many people don't know this that, Dieting is strongly associated with weight gain with time. There is highly likelihood that you will regain the pounds, and even add more, when you go off the diet and you are not taking it again.
The simple thing about this is that, when you are on diet, you don't need to be off and on. Be sincere with yourself, be guided with the diet rules and be consistent. 

I Hope This Helps?
Article By: Abolaji I.B. A Fitness trainer and human kinetic expert.


  1. I totally agree with the first point. To me that is the major.. Uthman how are you doing?

  2. ohk,this is useful as i am getting fat by the day


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