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Four Signs Your Partner Wants To Break Up With You Soon

Four Signs Your Partner Wants To Break Up With You Soon
Relationship is great and wonderful when you are with someone committed, responsible and loving. You feel so good and secured because of the romantic atmosphere you will always find yourself emotionally. It makes you assume that your relationship is going to be the one that would actually last for ever and result to marriage. You feel like this one special person wouldn’t be like all the others that has left you heartbroken in the past.

Unfortunately, when that special one finally breaks up with you, left you heartbroken and make all your delusions come crashing down without hope, you would be greatly shocked. You will feel like the world has to end, feel suicidal or completely depressed.

To be sincere with you, relationship breakups don't just happen as we see it. Disappointments and breakup rarely come without any warning signs. There would have been a lot of signs and signals telling you the likelihood of been disappointed by your partner, though the love in your mind, never allowed you to think towards that direction.

If you are in an healthy relationship today, you don't know what the future holds, though we all hope for the best. You may want be prepared in order to avoid all the shock when your partner finally breaks up suddenly. Below are few things you need to look out for.
1) Your Partner Suddenly Changed His/Her Behavior: As an adult, we must be able to know when someone has really changed to us. Though, am not disputing the fact that things can change and our attitude can also change towards everything we do due to many things. So change is normal, and it happens in everyone at any point in time.

But if your partner changes too drastically for a very long period of time without any good reason, then it calls for suspicion. They may decide to be avoiding you, become intolerance, reduced communication, become so aggressive or show less interest in anything about you again. Once you noticed consistency in any of these in your partner, you need to watch out.

2) They Purposely Create An Emotional Distance With Us: Do you ever noticed your partner is no longer emotionally committed to you? Is he/she creating emotional gap that you find it difficult to even understand them? Have you tried to find out the reason for their sudden change in attitude towards you? 

Even if you do, you might not understand...but whatever the case may be, your partner should be able to share their worries with you. But the fact that they don’t feel like sharing their problems or feelings with you anymore is definitely a warning sign that you need to take no.

3) They Get Provoked For Every Little Thing: No matter how calm and cool both of you are in your relationship, you will definitely have reason to argue and sort out things among yourself. This happens in every relationship, but when you noticed that, your partner is always provoked for no reason. Every little thing gets him/her annoyed and don't even want to talk about it. If this continues for a very long period of time, your relationship may be at risk.
4) They Create a Physical Distance In your Relationship: One of the things that can easily harm any relationship is artificial creation of physical distance by one partner. Physical affection in a relationship is a reflection of how you feel about your partner, inside. 

If your partner don't seem to have interest in creating a contact with you any more, to the extent that you can’t remember the last time you shared an intimate moment together, then your partner has definitely lost interest. This calls for worries because your affairs might be heading towards break up.

In case, you continue to notice two or more of the above signs, then you must watch out because they are signs that your partner is going to break up with you with time if care is not taking.

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  1. Maybe loading their things into a moving van might be another indication--ha.

  2. Disappointments and breakup rarely come without any warning signs - you are right

  3. @snowbrush lolz. Uthman where are you?

  4. funny! but true you don need any soothsayer to tell you your relationship is headng to the rock


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