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How To Learn Skills Online For Free And Use It To Make Money For Yourself

How To Learn Skills Online For Free And Use It To Make Money For Yourself
Gone are those days...when you hardly learn anything without physical contact with your instructors or teachers. They have to be present to teach you everything you need to be productive in that particular aspect. In recent, with the available of internet and technology, you can learn, teach and instruct others online.

The internet has provided a platform from which you can learn anything, I mean anything your mind goes to. For free, I mean without paying a dine to any instructor in as much as you have your available gadgets and internet connection, maybe with a note book and Biro. 

Do you ever imagine that, there is no limit to what you can learn online? From ABCD to XYZ. You can learn baking, internet business, web designing, application development, how to write, how to read, how to pass exam, how to marry, how to cook, just think of anything...Its available online.

In those days when we have limited internet resources, when it comes to learning, what actually comes to your mind is the bill, the movement and all other necessary things you need to put in place before enrollment. Then you think of money, you worry about resources and so many other things.

I have a lot of friends who are doing so well financially today, not because they capitalized on what they actually learn in class, but what they learn online.

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Some of them learn how to become and entrepreneurs online, some can do so incredible well in their field today, not because they obtained a University degree or vocational training certificate in it, but because, they sat down and used the internet to equip themselves. 

Now, the question is...If they can do such a great thing, do you have any excuse not to do better? Virtually non....

The good news about this period is that, learning some skills online doesn’t have to cost you a huge amount of money once you have the needed gadget (phone and internet). There are lot of search engines to help you.

With this post, I will tell you things you need to do rightly, in order to find learning online so easy at your comfort zone.

Below are two things you need to do before learning anything online

  1. Know What You Want To Learn: This is the first thing for anybody who want to be successful to know. Know what you want to learn online and be focused towards it. The internet is now overcrowded and full of distractions, and  if care is not taking, you will end up spending hours on the internet without learning anything.
  2. Be Determined And Remain Undistracted: The internet is the most congested environment anyone can learn in recent time..though, its still remain the most private class anyone can attend to learn. All depends on how much you can avoid distractions and your determination. A lot of news feeds from social media may come your way while learning online, you need to be good in managing them.

Four Wonderful Places You Can Learn Online

  1. Search Engine: This comes first because it covers a lot and its actually related to the other ones I want to talk about in one way or the other. Search engine like google and bing with other wonderful places you can get resources to learn online.  For instance, you can use google to solve and find solution to any problem.

    Getting information from google about a searchable thing you want to learn, just know the related keywords and search. You are good to go. Millions of resources are available on the the topic to help you.
  2. Online Couches: There are so many internet coaches in our World today. They can teach you how to do anything you could ever think of. They teach internet money making, health, relationship, DIY and so many skills can be learn through them. All it takes for you to be part of their class is to drop your email by subscribing to their newsletter. At an interval, you will receive mail from them in continuation of what you are learning. You can also ask them questions by dropping comments on their blogs or mail them.
  3. Online Forums: This is one of the best online class I love attending. People with similar idea could create a platform to bring everybody together in order to share and idea on a particular thing. You will have a moderator who looks into the activities of other members. This is one of the best ways to learn. You can join any of the following forums, Social media groups, Quora and Reddit.
  4. YouTube: This is becoming rampant and the most easiest place to learn in recent time. Just a short clips video will teach you everything you need to know and learn. Within a short period of time, you can learn how to do things yourself. You can also download those videos and subscribe to the YouTube channels you find useful.

    There is no limit to the skills you can learn online. So keep learning.


  1. yes its possible to learn online but i prefer one on one contacts tho.

  2. We can learn a lot from the internet

  3. The internet has really made things easier! Kudos for the write-up bro


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