Thursday, 14 July 2016

Four Reasons Why Some People Keep Trying But Will Never Succeed

Why has it been so difficult for some people to just make it in life in whatever thing they do. No matter how simple and easy it is to make  it in a particular aspect of life, they can't. What others found so, can  be as tough as hell for them.  Do you ever think why? Do You think everything is right with them?

Why do you think an ordinary person should tried business after businesses, job after job, blogs after blogs, schools after schools and could not even be successful in any of them and yet you think everything is right? 


To me.

So whosoever found him/herself in such a situation should look out to any of the four signals that could make someone a failure, despite all efforts to succeed.

1) They Quit So Easily: Most people fail because they don't give enough time to to whatever they are into. They try this today and try that tomorrow. They are the types that don’t give their projects enough time to succeed. 

If you are the type that find it difficult to give each project enough time and effort they deserved. You might find it difficult to succeed.

Whether you’re trying to build a business, get a raise, lose weight, find love, or launch a product, it takes time, success hardly happens overnight, and if something is truly worth creating, you need to stick with it long enough to build results, even if those results come gradually. So don't quit without giving enough time and effort required.

2) They Do Too Much Things At A Time: Its really difficult to give a required attention to a project when you are trying just too many things at once. You get distracted so easily. You tend to spread your time, energy and efforts to several units when you are supposed to concentrate on one single thing and achieve excellence.

In case you want to build two popular blogs in different niche, its better you start with one. That's what I do. After building myloverstrick to a point I can easily get traffic without daily post, I created myschooltrick and presently working on it.

It would have been a complete failure, if I had started the two blogs at the same time. They both required time and efforts which I would not have had.

3) They Don't Know What Works For Them: If I may ask, do you know what works for you? and do you know what does not? For someone who wants to succeed, you need to know what works and what doesn't. You don't need to give up on your goal after experiencing a little challenge. You just have to keep trying in as much as you've already identified it as what works.

Stick to it and work hard to get it right.

4) They Don't Build Team: Team work is key. There is little you can achieve without the support of others. You need to build  a team, let them know your goals and determination. Work as a team to achieve it. Must people failed trying to do everything alone.

When you have people who know about your goals and commitments, and with whom you check in on a regular basis, you’ll be more motivated to stay in action and complete the steps you intended to take. In addition, when you surround yourself with, and learn from, people who have already succeeded in the areas in which you’re trying to grow, you save yourself the time and effort of reinventing the wheel. 

Learning the secrets of highly successful people may require an investment of time and/or money, but it will save you years of wasted effort, and will probably prevent a great deal of expense and lost income in the long run.

What other things do you think can cause failure, despite effort and time spent to succeed?


  1. Some people lack excellence, do not take responsibility, are afraid of challenges and some are just plain lazy and attitude problems contribute too


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  2. yes,i agree some people think success commes like Magic,because A is making it in a business,i should follow suit.hey,it doesnt work that way.find your calling and put extra effort,and see if the sky wont be your starting point

  3. Its so easy to quit than to give up. These are highly informative tips!

  4. I like this highly informative post. Thanks for sharing

  5. Uthman hope you are fine?


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