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Five Important Things to Consider When Changing Environment To A New City

Five Important Things to Consider When Changing Environment To A New City
Movement of people from one place to another is part of life. As time passes by, human been tend to move from one place to another for settlement. There are lot of reasons that could be responsible for this. It could for a new job offer or placement, school or education purpose, to improve standard of living or just for the sake of experiencing another environment.
Moving to a new city is not new, in fact, it is a common thing in the modern world. It's usually a unique experience.

Some of the reasons could be:
Moving to new city after divorce, moving to a new city after college, moving to new city for job, moving to a new city for marriage. It could happen that you are moving to a new city, with boyfriend/girlfriend, moving to a new city you know no one or moving to a new city without money.

For whatever reasons or circumstances you find it necessary to move from Lagos to Portharcourt, Kano to Kaduna, Ilorin to Delta, or Nigeria to Malaysia, there are lot of things you needed to consider before taking such decision. With this article, I will list out some important things you must consider when changing environment to a new city.

Below are what you must consider

1. Life Basic Necessities: Moving to a new city will never come without some expensive. You are expected to minimize those expenses in order not to find your movement overwhelming financially. It is important you considered basic necessities available in that city before moving.

Now that you are moving to a new city, you have to consider housing, education, social amenities, health care and other infrastructural facilities you may need for your survival. You also need to consider the financial requirements to get access to these facilities. It is of no doubt, that some city are more developed than the other, transportation are more expensive in one city than in the other. All these has to be compared with what your monthly earnings are.

2)  Peace And Security of The New City: Security is more important in choosing a new city you are about to settle. How secured is the new city? You need to have been studying the security situation of that place for awhile, to ensure the city has been experiencing a peaceful political, economic and social atmosphere for a reasonable period of time.

Before you decided to move, make sure you are not moving to a war zone. Just assume that, the security of your life and properties is your sole responsibility. I hope you will find out the appropriate things about the security set up of the place before you moved.

3) Job Opportunity: Weather you are currently employed or not, you need to consider the labour opportunity in the new city you are to relocated to. It is crucial to know about the employment market in the city you are relocating to. Look into job availability and the probality of you getting one as soon as possible with your qualification and experience.

Cities like Lagos, Kano, Porthacourt are known to be better for job seekers than other States. It is very important you consider the kind of job you like, your profession or  take into account the industries of your interest.You just have to consider your chances of getting new and better opportunity in the new city.

4) The Standard And Quality Of Life In The new City: I hope the main reason why you may want to move to a new city is to improve your life quality by enjoying an improved standard of living. That is why, it becomes so important you considered the standard of living of your new city.

If you are moving to a new city in which the citizens enjoy less standard of living compared to what you have in your previous settlement, am sorry. You may not find it friendly at a start. Though with time, you may finally adjust to that.
5) The Cost of Living: Everyone takes this into consideration on a daily basis, most especially whenever they want to move to a new city. The question is always like ''what is the cost of living?" This is because, you won't like to move into a city where your monthly earnings may not even be enough to take care of your monthly basic needs.

This is in two ways, in case, you are moving to a new city for professional reasons, such as a heavy hike in salary, cost of living may not be your major consideration, because you are well paid for moving. However, if you are not getting any salary increment, heavy expenses owing to a higher cost of living can negatively impact your lifestyle and peace of mind.

Therefore, don't move to a new city, before you find out all these important things to consider.

I hope this helps?


  1. Educational standard too is also included


  2. This post is helpful. Thanks for sharing

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  3. The cost of living can't be underestimated. Someone who spends less than 2k in his city and decides to live in some parts of lagos and work there might end up spending 2 times of the previous expense.
    If care is not taken and proper planning, regrets might follow come

  4. Nice one. Thanks for sharing it will surely benefit someone.

  5. This is what we have been discussing, change of environment, Nigeria is becoming inhabitable


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