Friday, 5 April 2019

The Society We Live is Rotten

Bantale was another young boy from a very poor background in my neighborhood. His parent are not only poor but also occupied one of the poorest position among the poorest in the society. They got nothing.... I mean they got nothing.

Its almost impossible for the family to makes ends meet without stress. To them, life is not a bed of rose.

For Bantale's love in education, the parents did all sorts of  jobs to raise Bantale WAEC and JAMB fee. He passed the both exams at once sitting, got post UTME past questions to prepared and he ended up gaining admission into of the public universities in Nigeria.

They gathered all from his mother's petty trade with that of little from the father's menial job  to raise his university's school fees. He was successfully enrolled and Zoom... Bantale became a campus boy.

Bantale's parents continue to work hard in order to keep him in school. As soon as they get any cash, the father will quickly run to the nearest bank to deposit it into the boy's account.  This routine coutinued till he finished his first year in the University.

Second semester was a different story, The poor Bantale suddenly became a big boy. He can afford anything is heart so desire, no matter how expensive. He rides latest cars, wear latest designer shoes and clothes.

Information had it that Bantale joined the company of new friends and they introduced him to the world of cyber crime (Yahoo Yahoo).

Bantale is not the only one living his dream life, his parents also does. He bought  them cars, built house and established good businesses for his parent. He did the same for his girlfriend's parents.

Bantale's parents are treated like King by neighbors who had never regarded them as anything important in the past. No community decision could be reach without Bantale's parent input. Bantale now commands more respect among his peer. He is just in 200level, but crowned with youth leader. No decision can be reached without him.

Every parent in the neighborhood will not stopped to remind their children to hustle and make them proud like Bantale. They also want to reap the fruit of their labour without regards to where or how their children get worth.

Every girl wants to be so lucky like Chioma (Chioma is Bantale's girlfriend). Some parents will even advice their daughters to date a guy like Bantale.

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